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The Winter Solstice, Holiday Quiz

Grab an eggnog—or not—and take a break for yourself with this fun holiday quiz.

Shawna Newman

November 24, 2020

The Winter Solstice, Holiday Quiz
Are you a holiday Grinch or more of a Buddy-the-Elf when it comes to the winter season? Find out!
Tis the season of family time or spending more time with roommates. Most high schools and college campuses are closed for winter break, and soon many businesses will be observing holiday or winter breaks—hello more time with the parents! It can also be a phase of boredom and getting super annoyed with silly things—the things you don’t realize how particular you are until you’re spending a few extra hours together at home or in the apartment. We’re talking situations like: DAD, who very loudly slurps with each sip of his morning coffee. OR your youngest brother, that you swear if he were to close a cabinet door it would be a legitimate holiday miracle. OR maybe it’s your roommate, Sandy, that can never seem to turn off the TV when she leaves? There are only so many family game nights you can participate in to keep your mind from going down the path of irritation.
Whatever your holiday vice or hypersensitive awareness, there is nothing like spending more time together this holiday season. But, we all need a break from one another every so often...right?! Grab a glass of eggnog or a warm cup of hot chocolate, settle by the yule logs and take this fun holiday quiz. You’re sure to capture a few minutes of joy—AND PEACE—with this winter-themed, holiday quiz.

Are you a holiday Grinch or more of a jubilant, Buddy-the-Elf type come December?

Find out by taking this 10-question, December Holiday Quiz. We're willing to bet you'll learn some interesting facts you didn’t know before (HELLO Trivia night)!

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Shawna Newman

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