Student Life

The Very Happy Happy-Medium

Osasere Ewansiha, Student Contributor

October 04, 2018

The Very Happy Happy-Medium
There are always ways to divide and conquer your growing list of “to-dos” on your to-do list.
For some reason, or maybe just for the serendipity of it all, some deadlines and assignments like to fall right on top of another, like dominoes, although they are much less visually appealing. Contrary to what some adults may think, high school is hard and within the four years you spend there, many pivotal happen. Eventually there comes a time in every senior’s (or high achieving junior’s) life when there are not only assignments due in school, but college applications to submit and scholarships to search for. Those three things when combined can either be a recipe for stress or success. The key is to find a balance between them, the happy medium that will not only set up your future nicely, but also allow you to do what you should be able to; enjoy the time you spend in high school so that in your later years, your conscience will not plague you with thoughts of regrets. Of course, there are always ways to divide and conquer your growing list of “to-dos” on your to-do list.
1. Prioritize
Yes, scholarship searches and college applications are important, but if your grades start to tank then there’s not much of a chance that the aforementioned will come to you with as much ease as you’d like. First, take care of the things that immediately affect you, if your college application is due before November first but your paper for Ms. Simian (Catch the reference?) is due on Friday, then you may want to get started on that paper first.
Alternatively, if you are living your best life on the weekend, finally free from the grasps of homework, take the opportunity to get a jump start on the scholarship search game.
2. Create a list (and actually follow it)
When the pile of papers is getting taller, and due dates are blurring in your mind, a to-do list is your solution for keeping track of all the dos to do. Not only can creating a to-do list, or itinerary, keep you on track, but it can also provide you with a great sense of satisfaction as the list shrinks when various tasks are accomplished.
3. Ask for help
It is always ok to ask for help if you need it. If you’re struggling at school or need help searching for scholarships and college information, then ask some friends! Create study groups to help you get through homework more efficiently and pass along scholarship information. Try using scholarship search engines like Fastweb! Also, ask teachers for deadline extensions and help with assignments. You can even ask your teachers or school counselors to help you look over your college or scholarship applications. If you feel like you’re cracking under the pressure, then reach out for some help. Someone will grab your hand and help pull you up!
4. Take a break!
It is okay to breath. A break is allowed (and even needed) every now and again. Go see that movie that you’ve been waiting for, go get a milkshake, or just go on a shopping spree with friends. (Just be careful not to blow your college fund). Remember, all work and no play made jack a dull boy. Stress can do horrible things to the mind and body and, in an already important time in life, the effects of it can be multifaceted. A lot of things are happening at once and that’s okay. The trick to it all is to find the perfect balance to school, scholarship searches, and college applications to ensure for the best options and outcomes for you. Good luck (not that you need it)!

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