Student Life

The Stages of Senioritis

Alison Graham

January 29, 2013

The Stages of Senioritis
Senioritis is one of the toughest battles any senior faces in high school.
As students around the country enter into the arctic wilderness that is February, moods drop, bodies slump, and grades lessen in importance. February wins the worst month of the year award, and I say this solemnly because my birthday inhabits this sad, dreary month. Students are right in the middle of the third quarter. Spring break seems close, but yet so far away. For seniors, the end of the year stretches like a race before them, but one they can't finish fast enough. "Senioritis" sets in and everything becomes a little more difficult. Senioritis is one of the toughest battles any senior faces in high school. It's a constant battle between "I don't want to fail" and "I don't care enough to do anything."
In order to beat the illness we must first explore the levels of senioritis, as named by my current English teacher. 1. Excitement: This stage sets in before the year starts, maybe within the first month. However, it can stop at any point, even after the first day. This stage is characterized by happiness, smiles, and perhaps a bit of nervousness. 2. Complacency: This stage can begin anywhere from the second day of school until the second last week of school. It is typically when the senior feels a bit muddled by high school. They don't dislike their high school, but are still looking forward to college. They are in a limbo-like stage.
3. Detestation: This stage is by far the worst and can occur anytime in the year and last for a very long time. The senior loathes their school, their teachers, their friends, their classes. They are completely unmotivated and angry. Common stage three phases at my school include, "I hate this dumb cafeteria food! I can never happily eat nachos again!" Or maybe, "I cannot believe that stupid teacher would assign this to us! Doesn't he know that I have a life?" Stage three is a dangerous one, folks, beware.
4. Nostalgic Reflection: This stage typically occurs in the final weeks of school. Seniors begin looking back at all the fun times they have had in high school, and realize that they will miss it when they go off to college. There may still be a bit of lingering hatred, but is overall very reminiscent. Now, I'm sure everyone reading this is expecting me to give you another list of how to beat senioritis and all of the little steps you can take to get through the year with flying, rainbow colors. Well, sorry. I racked my brain for a simple, conclusive answer, but there isn't a way to beat senioritis. It's just going to happen naturally, and there's no cure. Each person must face it and deal with it as an individual. You can begin by prioritizing your life. If you have to get that homework done, then you should probably do it. There is no way around it. It is a long and grueling battle, but a battle we all must face and conquer. I think the best thing to do is stop and identify what stage you’re in. Once you have consciously identified senioritis, then you can mentally deal with it and push through your revulsion or complacency. Please, remember all you Seniors, I know it's February, but the year is far from over. I also feel the need to check out of high school like it's a creepy motel, especially since I've already been accepted to college, but we still have March, April, and May. Colleges can take away scholarships or even admission if they want, so be weary! Good luck with your perilous disease of senioritis, hopefully we can all make it through together!

How do you deal with symptoms of senioritis?

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