Student Life

The Mental & Physical Benefits of a New Semester

Ashley Cheak

January 12, 2017

The Mental & Physical Benefits of a New Semester
A new semester is a great way to refresh yourself and prioritize anything that may cause distractions.
Well, a fresh start in the school year is always nice. A new semester is a great way to refresh yourself and prioritize anything that may cause distractions. It’s important to remember that everything is new information, so staying focused daily is an absolute necessity. In this way, you can build and fully process everything that is happening in the specific class.
Topics to consider:
• New techniques for time management (sleeping schedules, hanging out with friends, etc.)
• Self-improvement (what didn’t work last semester and what will help this semester)
• Physical and mental health
With effective time management, you can do more than just study and hang out with friends. It allows you to branch out and expand on things you need to prepare for, whether in a few weeks or a few months. While there are outside issues such as working or hanging out with friends, time management is important for achieving success in school.
Good time management can allow you to take better care of yourself and allow you to have less stress when it comes to studying or upcoming performances. In this way, you can measure and prepare for overwhelming events without as much overthinking throughout the day. Instead of dwelling on things you procrastinate on, you can now spend that time doing something you want to be doing. All it takes is a little practice! There is also the factor of drama and people who may try to influence you away from your goals, whether you realize it or not. Even if they realize it or not. Sometimes people can have such distracting energy and it can cause you to get involved in drama that won’t positively impact your future. Just remember to stay grounded. If there are issues, counselors can always help. On the large scale of things, a new semester may just seem like school work, but there are smaller factors that can contribute to stress such as time management and self-improvement in general.
Questions to consider:
How will you make changes that you feel you need to?
What did you learn last semester that helped you study as opposed to previous semesters, and what can help you in this upcoming one?
Is there anything or anyone that can help you execute these changes, especially for college or work?
What are ways to help you destress?
Are you staying hydrated and making sure that you have balanced meals?
Getting a decent amount of sleep every night is crucial for staying focused and determined in class. Also, consider the fact that school is halfway over as well. A new semester is great for setting goals for the future, regardless of if you have a few months until graduation or are about to start a new grade. Just remember that there are people to help you.

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