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The Best Study Music for Students

Listening to music helps you focus, but which genre is the best?

Student Contributor, Alondra Arevalo

April 02, 2022

The Best Study Music for Students
Some insight on what music is truly great to help you focus and stay motivated while working.
Music is definitely my therapy. I listen to it all the time to tune out stress when working, and it allows me to stay focused on whatever I’m doing. If you usually do your work in silence, did you know there are actual benefits surrounding different genres of music and focus? In fact, listening to music has become one of the tried and true study tips for college. In light of the scientific evidence behind the theory that listening to music helps you as you study, I have compiled a list of the best music for studying. One of these genres is sure to get you “in the zone.”

Classical Music

Classical music is notoriously known to help one stay focused while working. However, there are amazing health benefits from listening to classical music as well! Listening to classical music regularly can help decrease your blood pressure and can improve your sleep quality. As classical music has no lyrics, it acts as a white noise when you are working as well, which can help you focus and drown out any distracting background noise! Some of my favorite classical music composers are Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin.


Jazz is timeless, and it improves your concentration significantly. There’s a wide variety of types of jazz music, with and without lyrics to fit your focus needs. In addition, jazz music helps reduce stress levels, as well as helping your sleep quality like classical music.


Lo-Fi beats are very futuristic, and there are many benefits to studying with them. It helps stimulate brain activity, and also helps boost your mood. It is also less distracting, as the beats have no lyrics and it’s repetitive, so you can focus on whatever you are working on.

Electronic Instrumentals

My statistics teacher introduced me to this music, and it helped my quality of concentration tremendously. It is very upbeat and motivating, and gets you in the mood to work!

Nature Sounds

Although this isn’t technically music, I still wanted to include it because it has helped my quality of life tremendously. I sleep with thunderstorm sounds at night, and it helps me so much. Studies also show that studying with natural sounds helps improve your cognitive functioning, which helps improve your memory.

“Coffeehouse” Music

Finally we have what I like to call, “Coffeehouse” music. Some of this music has lyrics, some of it doesn’t, but the “vibe” of the music is very relaxing. This kind of music reminds me of walking into a Starbucks or a cafe and studying there, and that might be why it helps me concentrate. All in all, no matter what music you listen to, there is a wide variety to choose from. I know people that listen to rap or rock when studying, whatever helps you is what you should stick with! I hope this inspires you to explore your music taste and open your ears to a wider variety of music. You may find your favorite genre!

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