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The 7 Scrumptious Cookie Recipes for the Holiday Season

Christmas cookies aren’t only for Santa, after all.

Student Contributor, Piper Megellas

December 13, 2021

The 7 Scrumptious Cookie Recipes for the Holiday Season
Christmas cookies -- straight out of the oven and into your stomach.
It’s Christmas time again - that means celebrations, time with family and friends, and my personal favorite: eating way too many of your favorite Christmas cookies. Looking for new recipes to try this holiday season? Try these 7 cookie recipes that will leave you saying “Just one more!”
  1. Chewy Classic Snickerdoodles Is cinnamon your thing? Do you prefer a chewier cookie to a harder one? If so, try some snickerdoodles! A long-time holiday classic, snickerdoodle cookies never fail to please.
    If you’re wanting a traditional snickerdoodle, try watching this video. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous on the flavor front (or if you’re just holding on to those Autumn treats), how about these pumpkin spice snickerdoodles? Either way, this type of cookie is sure to be a hit whether you’re hosting a party, leaving cookies out for Santa, or just enjoying some while watching your favorite Christmas movie.
  2. Decorative Sugar Cookies An option for the more artistic (or just adventurous) cookie fans: try decorating your own cookies for Christmas! This option not only makes delicious cookies, but also provides for a little holiday fun.
    You can watch this video for ideas and tips on how to decorate your own. If you turn out to be talented at cookie decorating, you’ll have an awesome skill to show your friends! And if not, just remember you’re not alone. The struggle is real.
  3. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies An underrated classic is the crinkle cookie! You can make them chocolate, or even use food coloring to make them red and green (or any other color that tickles your fancy.)
    Crinkle cookies can be a little harder to make than some other classic cookies, but it’s worth it as they are some of the yummiest cookies around. Make sure to try some out before the season for baking Christmas cookies draws to a close.
  4. Creative Chocolate Chip Cookies Spice up your traditional chocolate chip cookies this year with sea salt, nuts, coconut, or other additional flavors. We’ve all had classic chocolate chip cookies, but try branching out and incorporating new tastes. Try one of these ideas, or come up with one of your own! Next time someone asks for the recipe, you’ll be able to tell them you came up with it yourself.
  5. Gingerbread Cookies No Christmas cookie list would be complete with our holiday favorite - gingerbreads. Not only will these cookies bring back memories of your Childhood Christmases, they also have so many options! Make a gingerbread man, regular round cookies, or even attempt to create your own gingerbread house, complete with candy and icing.
  6. Macaroons If you’re a fan of coconut, how about the macaroon? Macaroons aren’t a traditional cookie shape, but can offer some variety in flavor or texture from the rest of your cookie box. Alternatively, try your hand at a traditional French macaron. Both of these options are great to change up the same old shape of cookies and will increase your baking skills!
  7. Shortbread Cookies Why not finish out the list with a more simple cookie? The buttery taste of the shortbread cookie can always be a go-to when in doubt. Finish out the cookie by adding Christmas sprinkles or chocolate drizzle. This Christmas cookie will look perfect among the others that you’ve worked so hard to create - or just by themselves!

How to Create a Christmas Cookie Box

So, you’ve chosen your recipes and are all ready to go. But wait… Have you thought about how you plan on arranging your cookie boxes? Whether or not you have an eye for design, planning and creating cute cookie boxes can get you in the Christmas mood (with a little bit of Christmas music playing in the background or your fireplace on.) Here are a few quick tips before you go to get your boxes on the road to success. Choose an Aesthetically Pleasing Box The box is the first thing you’ll see - even before the cookies themselves! So make sure to think about what vibe you’re going for when you select your cookie boxes. You could go for a fun and cartoonish theme with these boxes, a woodsy theme with these tins, or anything else that you can come up with. Consider the Arrangement of your Cookies When arranging your cookies, think about how you want them to be placed in relation to each other - maybe you want all of your cookies of a similar type or color to be placed near one another, or maybe you’d prefer your cookies to be evenly spaced to provide visual variety. Whatever way you decide to go, thinking about the small details like this can really be the cherry on the cake… or shall I say the cookie? Include Personalized Touches Consider who you’re giving your box to. Is it a friend, family member, or coworker? If it’s someone you’re quite familiar with, why not include a personal note? Maybe a ribbon in their favorite color? At the end of the day, gift giving is an act of love and those close to you will appreciate your genuine gestures, even if your baking isn’t completely up to par. So whether you’re making a card yourself or picking up that hilarious Hallmark card from the dollar store, even the little things matter most at Christmas.

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