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22 Cool Gift Ideas All Graduates Can Use

We’ve found all of the stuff a college student could want – at the best prices!

Shawna Newman

November 22, 2021

Check out this fun list of cool – and some weird – items any high school or college grad could want!
22 Cool Gift Ideas All Graduates Can Use
We have found the best graduation presents for any student graduating in 2022—from the high school grad to the college graduate. If you are looking for the top gift ideas for that college grad or high school graduate this list covers it. Help your graduate get ready for the next chapter of life and celebrate graduation with a practical gift. If you are the 2022 grad, gift yourself! This graduate gift list includes everything that can be used in both dorm rooms and apartments.

Top Gift Ideas for Graduates

  1. AirPods This technology will be useful for soon-to-be college freshmen or college graduates ready to transition into their careers. With Airpods your grad can listen to music, podcasts on the go. You can make the gift special with a customized message on the case. Apple will engrave a grad cap or celebration emoji, date, name and to make your graduation gift perfect.
  2. Bed Risers Whether you’re in a dorm room or in a tiny apartment, bed risers are a life-saver because they allow you to store off-season clothing out of view. Pair with the next item on the list and you’re good to go!
  3. Underbed Storage Store all of your off season clothing, extra blankets and shoes under the bed in these easily accessible pull out chests. To make it even easier on yourself, utilize bed risers and you may even be able to double your storage capacity under the bed.
  4. Style Station Organizer Save counter space with this style station organizer.
  5. Huggable Hangers You’ll find you have tons of extra space when you use these ultra-skinny hangers. Plus, they're velvet, meaning your clothes won't be slipping off and falling on the floor.
  6. Gift Cards Gift cards DO have meaning. Don't let the old idea of not having a gift stop you from getting your grad a gift card; they'll love it! The cool thing about gift cards is you can pick the type or gift card theme. This could be food or food delivery gift cards, gift cards for gamers, make-up gift cards, or even personalized Visa gift cards. Students can use these all year long. This really helps them to when they're in a money crunch or if they'd like to treat themselves after the special occasion or holiday season for which they're receiving the gift card.
  7. Weighted Blanket Ensure your student gets better sleep with a weighted blanket. These are great way to relieve stress and anxiety. This blanket is portable and can even be washed with its removeable cover.
  8. Mini Robot Vacuum Who needs a pet when you have a mini robot? Plus, it cleans up after you make small messes.
  9. Storage Ottoman When you’re limited on space, the key rule to follow is to find dual purpose items whenever you can. That’s why a storage ottoman is perfect for just that reason. You can use it as a footstool, a table and to tuck away any items you may like to store inside. Talk about multi-tasking – this is one impressive little ottoman!
  10. Dry Erase Wall Decals You can finally color the walls thanks to these dry erase wall decals! They look cool and will serve some important – and fun – purposes. Write yourself inspirational notes and reminders.
  11. Portable Power Bank You never know where you’ll be when your phone runs out of battery – especially in college, when you’re constantly on the go. You’d be wise to purchase a backup charger to keep with you at all times. It’s compatible with most devices, but make sure that it fits yours before purchasing - just in case.
  12. Bluetooth Speaker Relaxing and listening to music in your dorm room is a form of self care -- be sure you have the audio tools you need!
  13. Microwavable S’Mores Maker Everyone should have one of these. In fact, it should be mandatory. No additional explanation necessary.
  14. Mini Instant Pot Cook dinner fast, even in a small room. This gift will help to feed your graduate for many years to come. They can use the slow cooker to make rice, yogurt and casserole. Soon-to-be college students need to be sure these are allowed in on-campus housing or dorms.
  15. Noise Canceling Headphones There will come a time this year where you need to down out your roommate (or mates), friends or people nearby while trying to focus. That’s when some noise canceling headphones will come in handy. Because it’s not always convenient or practical to pack up and study elsewhere or ask someone to leave.
  16. A Streaming Subscription Gift Help your high school graduate or college grad save some money with the gift of a streaming service. Consider gifting a year of entertainment from popular streaming services like HBO Max, Netflix, Paramount+, Disney+ or whatever they use the most.
  17. School Spirit Decals Show your school spirit with decals that celebrate your school’s sports team. The decals will easily come off post-season.
  18. Coffee Make Your grad won’t have the space to fuss with a bulky coffee pot! Gift a single cup mini brewer.
  19. Bluetooth 3-in-1 Keyboard and Organizer with Tablet Stand Cut out the desk clutter with this multi-purpose keyboard that can hook up to your desktop, tablet, or phone.
  20. Cactus Dryer Balls Laundry just got cute with stylish dryer balls, which also happen to be useful. Note: there are other adorable styles, like hedgehogs, too.

BONUS: More Student Gift Ideas

  1. Handy Gourmet Cool Touch Microwave Bowl It's hard to eat a quick lunch when your bowl is too hot to pick up! This cool-touch bowl for your dorm microwave is a simple life-hack solution.
  2. Adjustable, Selfie Ring Light One of the more popular gifts this year is this handy tool. This light helps you to look great on any YouTube or make-up tutorials you publish this year.
  3. Photo Clip String Lights Make your college memories look like magic with a Photo Clip String Light. This fun wall décor will add ambience as well as keep track of your growing friendships.
  4. Clip On Mini Fan You may not have temperature control in your dorm room and if you dorm in the Midwest our southern states, late spring or early fall can feel pretty warm. Circulate some air and cool off with this mini fan. Also cool (pun intended), you can take this with you on a camping trip.
  5. Relaxing Aromatherapy Neck Pillow Take time after your study sessions to pamper yourself. Try this Microwavable or cooling next wrap to give yourself some much needed relaxation.
  6. Ergonomic Laptop Riser As many students find themselves studying at home or finally returning to their college campuses, it's no surprise this office enhancement is currently number one on Amazon's best sellers list. This gadget has five stars and more than 12,000 reviews!

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