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Surviving the Holidays

Elizabeth Hoyt

October 31, 2017

Surviving the Holidays
You may need to embellish just a little with some politically correct answers because you’d never want to offend or disappoint great aunt Gertrude.
Over the holidays, you’ll keep getting the same basic questions over and over again from family. Similar to an interview, prepare your answers beforehand and feel free to recite your oh-so-perfect answers. It may seem silly to you now, but preparing answers now may save you an eye roll later, thus, showing respect for family and keeping the get-together peaceful and joyful for all who attend.
Here are some common questions you’ll likely be asked that you can use as a guide to prepare answers for: • What’s your major?
• What kind of job can you expect to get with that?
• Do you enjoy your major?
• What made you choose that major?
• What are your classes like?
• Are your classes difficult?
• How often do you study?
• What’s your favorite class?
• Do you like college?
• Are you dating anyone?
• What do you do with your free time?
• Are you working?
• How are you paying for school?
• Have you made a lot of friends?
• You’re focusing on class and not partying too much, right?
• I’ve read stories about what college kids do! Do you drink a lot? Unfortunately, you may need to embellish just a little with some politically correct answers because you’d never want to offend or disappoint great-aunt-Gertrude by letting her know you have absolutely no clue what you’re going to do with your degree or no intention of getting a boyfriend anytime soon. In those instances, try these approaches: If you haven’t declared a major: • No, I haven’t declared a major. I just want to explore different subjects to figure out what I like before I decide what to focus on so that I can be sure it’s what I want to do.
• I haven’t declared a major yet because I’m focusing on getting all of the basic requirements out of the way first. If you’re single: • No, I’m not dating anyone. I spend so much time studying – I don’t have much time for a relationship, anyway. • I love being in college and making new friends but I have a lot to focus on with classes so I wouldn't get into a relationship right now. If you don’t work: • I don’t have a job right now because I’m mainly focusing on my studies.
• No, I’m not working right now. The library should probably hire me, though, since I spend most of my time there anyway! In response to questions about “college life these days”: • I’m trying to remain focused on my studies, but I do love to spend time with my friends when I get a chance.
• I know the number one reason that I’m in college is to learn – that’s always my main focus! Remember, your family is honestly just curious about how you’re doing. They’re not trying to interrogate or bother you – so don’t get defensive, upset or down on yourself. Though it may seem that way at times, take everything with a grain of salt. Answer calmly and patiently - they just want to be a part of your life and know what’s going on in your world - and, as long as you answer, they’ll likely stop asking the same questions over and over, again. Hope you have a safe a wonderful holiday season!

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