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Student Tips: Getting Your First Part-time Job

Vanessa Salazar, Student Contributor

January 07, 2019

Student Tips: Getting Your First Part-time Job
It's possible to get a part-time job without experience. After all, you have to start somewhere!
Applying for your first job is an exciting yet a frightful thing to do being also difficult the first time around. Evidently, when applying for the first time you have no experience working and may not have as much to offer compared to other applicants. For this reason, employers prefer applicants who have previous experience with other jobs making it difficult for first time applicants to even get an interview. Despite this, it is possible to get a good part-time job for the first time. Prior to applying anywhere, be sure to take some time to create your resume. Some employers may not ask for it, but the majority do and enhances your chances if you provide one. Microsoft word provides good resume layouts which not only look professional, but also help you in the process of building your resume. Include any extracurricular activities from school or outside of school, this shows how involved you are. With clubs or even volunteer work, include as much as you can into your resume. References are also helpful because if the employer is ever curious about the type of work you did, the references can help on your behalf.
The most important thing when applying for a part-time job for the first time is apply to as many as possible. As mentioned earlier, unless you have prior experience getting a job is difficult. Applying to 10+ places gives you a better chance to get an interview to at least one place. Even if you do not hear back from somewhere, keep applying and constantly look for places that are currently hiring. Looking into the stores at your local mall, you can search the store/brand name and then careers, this will take you to a page where it allows you to see if and where that store is hiring near you, along with the positions that are being hired. Most take the applications solely online but be sure to walk in and ask for an application if they are hiring. This shows that you are interested and made an effort to come in and fill out an application. The next thing to prepare for is the interview process. Most employers will give you a time to come in or ask what time works best for you. Then the day of the interview, depending on the job, dress business casual as it is better to be over dressed than under. Also, include a copy of your resume even if it is not required to include one. As for the interview, be sure to take your time and be thoughtful of your answers. Do not rush and take your time to ensure you do not lose focus or get nervous.
With time, you will get your first job and be able to further develop your skills in order to be able to get another job in the future with ease.

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