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Student App Launches Tool to Showcase Your Skills

Learn how you can use a student-focused app to highlight your skills and find opportunities related to your talents.

Shawna Newman

August 01, 2022

Student App Launches Tool to Showcase Your Skills
It’s a good idea to challenge yourself.
It is important to track your talents and keep a running list of your skills throughout your high school and college years. Students should always be looking for a way to level up their talents and abilities. It is also a good idea to challenge yourself by enhancing your skills as you prepare yourself for college and/or your future career. The Goodwall app is a student-community based social platform designed to inspire self-improvement—encouraging students to grow personally and professionally. The app connects students to worldwide opportunities like internships, volunteer events, and more. Developers recently announced a skills-focused enhancement that will help students highlight their abilities and encourage them to strengthen their real-world readiness. The Goodwall Skills enhancement allows students to shift from a resume-like profile to a real-time, skills-based profile.

How to Develop Skills and Knowledge

With the Goodwall Skills tool, students can look to the virtual community for ways to develop skills for school and future employment opportunities. The new feature allows students to highlight abilities that matter most: top skills for students and industry skill needs.
A primary tool function includes skills tags. With these you can add and search for skills in a variety of ways using the app. Below are three ways you can use the app to showcase and develop your talents and knowledge: • Add skills tags to your Goodwall Progress Page to help you track skills growth. • Enhance your Goodwall profile to highlight your talent and capabilities. • Find content related to the skills tags you are interested in and/or working on. A Goodwall profile filled with unique skills will make you a better student and prepare you to enter the workforce. Using the Goodwall community as motivation, you can get inspired by other users using the same skills tags as you. Or, you can discover a new talent that you would like to work on. Goodwall encourages users to search and use skill tags to participate in challenges, find unique opportunities, and to connect with other Goodwall users.

Different Types of Skills for Students

According to a blog post on global education, there are seven skills students need to ensure a successful future. These talents include: • Agility and adaptability • Collaboration and leadership • Critical thinking and problem solving • Curiosity and imagination • Oral and written communication competency • Personal drive and entrepreneurship Goodwall provides more than 250 skills for you to choose from to include on your profile. The talents referenced above can be connected to the 14 skill categories available within the Goodwall platform. These groups and the specific skills include:

Arts and Crafts

This category covers drawing, painting, woodworking, etc. Business This area includes interests in marketing, sales, investing, etc.


Communication covers proficiency in writing, storytelling, sign language, public relations, speech writing, etc.


Design talent includes UX/UI, prototyping, topography. etc.


These include energy, robotics, urban design, medical engineering, etc.


This category touches areas like sustainability, biology, agriculture, etc.

Health and Wellbeing

This includes medicine, pharmacy, nursing, yoga, fitness, etc.

Media and Entertainment

This includes abilities in areas like acting, publishing, film production, etc.


This category is related to choreography, choir, band, opera, theatre, etc.

Politics and Social

This grouping includes human rights, community service, volunteering, sociology, etc.

Science and Education

Skillfulness in this area may include zoology, teaching, etc.


This group includes mastery in areas like building, babysitting, cleaning, fishing, etc.


Includes specialties such as cybersecurity, automation, app development, etc.

Transferable Skills

This group set includes networking, problem solving, critical thinking, etc. All key skills potential employers are looking for! Look through the Goodwall Skills tags to explore internship and volunteer opportunities and to find new skills you would like to master.

More Ways to Use Your Student Skills

The Goodwall Skills tool is a great way to find opportunities linked to student activities you excel in and to increase your professional prospects. Plus, you can apply your skills in other ways listed below: Get Encouragement and Inspire Others — Connect with peers via the app by voting for other Goodwall users and by earning votes yourself. Create a Resume or Brag Sheet — Use your Goodwall profile to add skills on a resume to create your first part-time job resume. High school students: you can use the tool to edit your brag sheet. College students: try using your communication skills and technical skills to craft a unique cover letter when it is time to begin looking for your first job after college graduation. Win Scholarships — In addition to the Skills tool, you can use your Goodwall app involvement to enter their $2,500 Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge! This is a monthly scholarship open to all students at least 16 years old. To enter, you will need to download the app. Once you have your profile created, find a challenge you are passionate about and share your response using the #ScholarshipNow tag. Consider adding the skills and interests used on your Goodwall profile to update your Fastweb profile, too. Updating your Fastweb profile will ensure you are not missing out on any niche scholarship opportunities that you should apply for. You do not want to miss any opportunity to win a scholarship; an up-to-date Fastweb profile will reflect your current school year, student activities, organizational involvement, and other personal aspects that make you, you!

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