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Spring Semester Prep List for College & Grad Students

The Fastweb Team

December 26, 2019

Spring Semester Prep List for College & Grad Students
Spring semester has arrived and, if you’re looking for a fresh start, you’re in luck!
Spring semester has arrived! And, if you’re looking for a fresh start, you’re in luck! A new semester is filled with opportunities and there’s plenty to do that can help you achieve your goals. Most important of all, from start to finish, make sure to stay focused and motivated on what’s important – your semester’s success.
1. Complete Your FAFSA
If you need assistance, check out Fastweb’s FAFSA information page for all of your FAFSA-related questions.
2. Apply for Scholarships
Apply for any of your scholarship matches on Fastweb. Fastweb's 2020 scholarships are also a great start!
3. Get an Internship
Internships provide invaluable work experience; look great on your resume and networking connections. You can find awesome internships under your 2020 internships on Fastweb!
4. Save, Save, Save!
This year, save more. Check out these suggestions of money-saving New Year’s resolutions.
5. Start with a Clean Slate
Let go of last semester – regardless of how it went. You have the unique opportunity for a fresh start, so use it to your advantage. If you’re finding it difficult, tips and tricks to starting fresh your second semester.
6. Stay Motivated This Semester
Easier said than done, but these second semester motivational tips can help.
7. Steer Clear of Known Setbacks
You know your vices – so stay away at all costs! Now that you have a fresh start, there’s no point in looking back. Make sure you’re steering clear of second semester setbacks.
8. Get a Part-Time Job
Getting a part-time job is a great way to gain job experience for your resume and help stretch your student budget. Check out Fastweb part-time jobs to find job matches near you.

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