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6 Fun & Exciting Summer Camps for Adults

Elizabeth Hoyt

July 14, 2017

6 Fun & Exciting Summer Camps for Adults
Recapture childhood nostalgia by attending a summer camp tailored to adults.
Hoping to capture some of that summer nostalgia from when you were a kid? Look no further than adult summer camps. They offer everything you valued as a child, plus booze (well, many do). Attending any of these summer camps for adults are sure to bring back fond memories of summertime from your childhood and offer a great time for you and your pals.
Plus, with so much to do, there’s something for everyone! Check out these six fun and exciting summer camps for adults:

1. Camp No Counselors

Locations: Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles, New York
Join in on the nostalgia with your friends! Typical campers range anywhere from 24-40 years of age. The camp offers typical camp sports, games and activities. The camp’s price includes three nights of lodging and accommodations, open bar all weekend, theme parties, meals, snacks and s’mores and all camp activities.

2. Club Getaway

Location: Connecticut
Located in Connecticut, Club Getaway offers fun sports, adventure and creative camp packages so you can tailor you camp experience to be exactly what you’d like.
We recommend looking into the weekend for young professionals, which is a weekend filled-with activities such as beer pong, flip cup, beer garden karaoke and mingling with other 20- and 30-somethings.

3. Camp Grounded

Locations: California, North Carolina
Leave behind all technology while you unwind and unplug at this camp that helps you reclaim your childhood. The average camper is 34, but ranges anywhere from 19-71, so age doesn’t matter. It’s described as being “just like the camp you went as a kid…only designed for adults.”

4. Soul Camp

Location: Pennsylvania
This camp is the filming location of the new Netflix series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Another traditional sleep-away camp experience like when you were a kid, which offers a full course of co-ed camp activities from a Wednesday through Sunday. The camp’s price includes all camp meals, accommodations, classes, snacks and some other fun items like a tote, notebook, t-shirt and water bottle.

5. Camp Bonfire

Location: Pennsylvania
This 21 and over camp is filled to the max with adventures: zip line, night hikes, paddle boards, climbing wall, archery, and more. If creating is more up your alley: build terrariums, cook, write poetry, make friendship bracelets, draw with charcoal and more. Plus, relax with: yoga, tai chi, relaxing by the dock, silent hikes, tech-free days and other options! Whatever your preference, this camp has it all to capture your inner kid and will cater to your adult interests.

6. Camp Throwback

Location: Ohio
Make memories with your pals all over again, throwback style (hence the name) at this must-attend summer camp for adults, 21 and over. Campers will enjoy traditional camp activities plus adult beverages, which will only add on the fun. The camp is a traditional co-ed sleep-away camp, running from Thursday to Sunday.

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