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Second Term, Second Chances: Get Back on Track

As you enter the New Year, you will enter a new semester for a fresh start.

Student Contributor, Alondra Arevalo

January 16, 2023

Second Term, Second Chances: Get Back on Track
The second term means a second chance at the school year.
The first term back to school after winter break, whether it’s semester or quarter, can be rough. Getting back into the hang of things after so much time off can be overwhelming. Now is your opportunity to get a fresh start.

How to Make Your Second Term Count

Whether it’s getting your GPA up, joining new activities at school, getting a new job, there are so many ways to restart your life this new year!

Use Your Break to Reflect

Winter break is a great time to look back and reflect on your term, what you think went well, and what you think didn’t. Take the time to list the things that you could improve on for the new semester or quarter.
For example, did you procrastinate a lot last term? Make it a goal to do your assignments ahead of time so you don’t stress out as much this quarter. Were you disorganized? Make it a priority to write in your agenda every single day to keep track of your life.

Pick Your Courses

Pick courses that you know are going to benefit you, not hurt you. If you have to take a course that you know is going to take a huge chunk of your time, maybe consider not taking as many credits so you can focus on the class that you are going to struggle with. Or even if you know you are going to be really busy outside of school, don’t pile on the credits. It might seem like it has more benefit than harm, but it can actually cause a lot more stress than there needs to be. Just plan ahead, and choose your coursework wisely, as you don’t want to do anything that may jeopardize your GPA.
If you already picked out your classes for next term, look it over and consider the external conflicts you may have with the course load. Make sure you can handle it. If not, it’s okay to drop some classes in order to accommodate your circumstances.

Create a Study Schedule

Now that you have your classes picked, estimate how much time you think you will need for each class to study. For example, if you know you aren’t the best at biology and you have to take that class, consider leaving a hefty chunk of time towards the course so you can study and work on assignments. And if you are more confident in something like history, leave time for it but don’t make it the priority. Using these estimated time frames, you will be able to plan out the other factors in your life, such as your work availability, club meetings, and more.

Joining New Clubs

If your goal for this new term is to get more involved, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Most colleges have Involvement Fairs for every term, so you can go out and explore new paths that you might want to pursue. These involvement fairs are also very helpful to see if you get along with the people in that specific club. If your school doesn’t offer these fairs, don’t be afraid to explore on social media! Your college’s social media accounts usually follow the clubs on campus, so don’t be shy to attend a meeting that you see there!

Planning Ahead (Again)

Throughout the term, keep up with your studies and keep on trying your best to keep up with everything else going on. As you complete your tasks, keep in mind the changes that are working, and the things that might not be the best for your growth. When the time comes to start picking your new courses, plan ahead using the same method. It gives you the freedom to plan yourself out for success! If you feel that you can take on more work, go for it! If you are perfectly happy where you are, stay how you are! You don’t have to move up to 20 credits if you are perfectly comfortable with 16. This all just depends on you and your work style. This new term can be challenging, but always remember to keep your head up. Your grades from last term do not define you, your work ethic, and your knowledge. Entering a new term means an opportunity to start fresh again to make up for what you lost, and to try new things if needed. Throughout the term, check in with yourself constantly, and don’t be afraid to slow things down or speed up if necessary. It’s all about finding your balance; you just need to figure out what works for you! What works for others might not work for you, and that’s perfectly fine! Everyone learns and grows in their own ways, and there’s no need to change anything if you are perfectly happy with what is working for you. I wish you luck this new semester or quarter, you got this!

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