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Recent Grads Should Do Five Things this Summer

A high school grad shares five ways to keep the summer fun and productive.

Student Contributor, Lydia Schultz

May 21, 2021

Recent Grads Should Do Five Things this Summer
Make a commitment to yourself (while you still have motivation) to stay productive this summer.
Congratulations!!!!!!! You did it. We did it. High school is officially over (or at least near over for some) and whether you’ve been dreading or counting down the days, I think we can all agree that it’s hard to believe the time is here. Receiving a high school diploma is a major deal, and you should be proud of yourself for all that you’ve accomplished throughout the past four years—big or small.
While you should definitely take some time to relax and enjoy the upcoming time off, it is important to keep in mind that finishing high school does not eliminate all responsibilities. The time we spend preparing for the next chapter will definitely pay off and reduce some of the stress that comes with “what’s next.” Therefore, this article will hopefully help you make a plan to take advantage of this summer; trust me, your future self will thank you.
  1. Go to summer school. I know, I know. More school? For some of you, this may be the last way you want to spend your summer. But if you are someone who likes to get ahead or are simply interested in a certain class, taking a course outside of the regular school year is a great way to do so.
    Consider self-studying a topic of interest as well if there’s always been something that you’ve wanted to learn but haven’t had the time.
  2. Find a job, internship, or do some volunteer work. Finding one of these could be a great opportunity to gain new experiences, learn new skills, and build your resume during your break—especially if you don’t have any other obligations this summer.
    There are many companies that are hiring right now, both remote and in-person. Be on the lookout for “now hiring” signs at local stores or restaurants for open positions. A great resources for finding jobs, internships, or volunteering opportunities can be found below: Fastweb’s Part-Time Jobs for Students Page Fastweb’s Internships for Students Page Volunteer Match
  3. Begin your back-to-school shopping. Okay here me out...Yes, it’s extremely early to shop for school supplies, but it may take the burden off you and your family once fall arrives. Personally, I remember it was pretty hectic to try to check off every single thing that you need amongst a crowd of other students and their parents trying to do the same. If you’re going away for college, maybe try checking stores periodically to see if you could stock up on a few things for your dorm room.
  4. Apply for scholarships! There’s no better time to start racking up dollars for college tuition than right now. The rules of probability indicate that the more scholarships that you apply for, the higher your chances of winning one! Fastweb has your back in identifying the right ones for you, and if you sign up for your free Fastweb profile, you’ll automatically get matched to hundreds of personalized scholarships that you can sign up for!
  5. Spend time with your loved ones. You won’t be living with your parents (or other caregivers) forever. This summer could be the last time that you spend in your current living situation, so make time for family and other loved ones on top of your other commitments. It can be dedicating one day a week to them, going on vacation, or simply seeing a new movie together; regardless, don’t take this time that you have with them for granted. “Loved ones” also includes yourself, by the way. Practice self-care, go on a solo adventure and do things just because you enjoy them during your break. Creating a balance between work and personal life will be an essential part of adulthood, so start practicing now!
Make a commitment to yourself (while you still have motivation) to stay productive this summer. Time is your most valuable asset, so utilize it in a way that you won’t regret. That being said, don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be constantly doing something. You just completed four years of school, after all, so allow yourself to enjoy the remainder of your teenage years with as little stress as possible. Preparing for the future is undoubtedly a smart move, but don’t look ahead so often that you miss what’s happening right now. Once again, congratulations Class of 2021! I’m wishing everyone an amazing summer vacation.

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