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Preparing for your ACT & SAT Exams

Ryan Smith, Student Contributor

August 14, 2017

Preparing for your ACT & SAT Exams
Use these simple study methods to help boost your score on your ACT and SAT tests.
Testing can be a stressful time for college hopefuls. ACT and SAT scores are a very big part at what college admissions offices look at. However, there is no need to concerned, with these tips you'll be worry-free heading into your test. 1. Purchase a Prep Guide Test booklets are available for both the ACT and SAT to help you do well; they are included with even more tips and tricks on how to get a good score. These booklets can tell you how the test works and what kinds of questions you will see.
Most of these books are very helpful in regards to the test, but you should still be sure to do research before you buy. Check reviews and make sure the book was helpful to others -- don't just buy the first book that you see. 2. Focus on Your Weaknesses As much as we hate to admit it, we all have flaws. While studying, be sure to place your priority with the topics you think you might be struggling with. For example, if you have struggled with math throughout your school year, math is something you might want to spend more time on rather than using your time studying something you are already good at.
Previously, I said to purchase a prep guide. It’s a good idea to consider your weaknesses to help determine which book to buy. Some books put more emphasis on a certain subject. Fine-tuning your weaknesses will, in turn, make you a lot more confident.
3. Take a Prep Course
Some schools offer a course solely on preparing for the ACT and SAT tests. These classes are another great way to learn about the test. Vital strategies are often taught during these classes. And most importantly they will help determine what will be on the test. This will also help you get others perspectives on the test if you are taking classes with your peers. If available to you, these classes should be something you strongly consider. 4. Get a Tutor If you feel like you have struggled taking tests throughout your middle and high school years, you may want to think about getting a tutor. A tutor can be very beneficial to those who need it. One on one time with an experienced tutor can help you understand the test better. A tutor may cost you some money, despite that, they will help you excel at things you didn't before. When hiring a tutor, make sure they know what they are talking about. You also want to make sure your tutor is someone who will not get distracted or distract you. Many people are open to helping a struggling student do well on their ACTs and SATs so it should not be hard to find someone you like. 5. Interactive Websites Websites are very useful when studying for your tests. There are so many sites out there to use and they can all benefit you. They can help you master a subject by giving you the right questions and answers to ensure that you understand. Not only are these sites easy to find, but the prep you get on these sites is unmatched. Be sure to check out ACT and SAT prep website prior to taking your test. 6. Practice Tests Perhaps the most beneficial way of studying for an ACT or SAT is taking a practice test. These tests are packed with questions that are very similar to those asked on the real thing. Take these tests as many times as you have to in order to get the score you want. The higher score you get on the practice test, the more confidence you will have when taking the ACT/SAT. Be sure to take time management into account when taking practice tests. You are given a specific time to finish these tests so make sure you practice your time management. I believe this is the most effective way to help you do well on your ACTs and SATs. Using these tips properly, you have a very good shot at boosting your ACT and SAT scores. Make sure to start as soon as you can, as it is better to start sooner rather than later. With that, I hope you use these tips and do well on your tests!

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