Student Life

New Semester Resolutions

Arianne Amparo

January 18, 2017

New Semester Resolutions
Regardless of old or newfound sources of stress, spring semester should be approached with an open mind.
The New Year has begun, and many of us are ready to start--or have already started--our second semester or quarter of college. We have come a long way, somehow managing to survive orientation, move-in, challenging classes, countless tests, quizzes, club meetings, and finals, bringing us one step closer to graduation and our future careers. As students, we are starting fresh in many facets of our lives, and will find that many new opportunities await us when we step foot again on campus. In light of all of this, it is important we commend our personal successes and not let old stressors hinder our performance this new semester. Some of us, especially college freshmen, might be feeling dissatisfied after receiving a not-so-great or unexpected grade point average this fall. After all, advanced, honors, and AP courses in high school hardly compare to the rigor of most college classes.
This is okay! We will not always receive the grades we want, and the only thing we can do once our GPAs are set is focus our energy towards improving our work in upcoming classes. Others may be experiencing renewed feelings of homesickness after spending nearly a month at home with friends and family. It can be hard to let all of this go, and returning to college might feel like move-in all over again. Regardless of old or newfound sources of stress, spring semester should be approached with an open mind. This is a time to reflect on what it is we did wrong and right last year, and how each decision affected our college lives.
Remember, for those of us who have chosen to continue our education at our respective universities, finishing fall semester or quarter is an accomplishment in and of itself. In the end there is always room for change and improvement no matter where you think you stand. Both the new year and new semester offer the perfect opportunity to change past habits in order to have a more fulfilling college experience.

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