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My Scholarship Search on Fastweb

A Fastweb member shares her experience of using our scholarship search tools.

Student Contributor, Nayeli Morales

January 13, 2021

My Scholarship Search on Fastweb
What's it like to use Fastweb for the scholarship search? Find out.
Money makes the world go around. The cost of college has been such a major issue in the country, leaving millions of students choosing to drop out mid-year due to student debt. Some students don’t even bother applying for college, afraid of the debt they would be in if they do so little as apply. And though such problems exist, today’s society has been trying to eliminate it by handing out scholarships. Scholarships have been awarded throughout the years by colleges and major companies giving students a chance to go to college. A great source to find scholarships is here; Fastweb is a website built to help students find scholarships that will help their dreams become reality!

What Fastweb Asks For

I always hesitate to sign-up for things, because I never know what questions will follow after my email, so I have come to insight you on such things. First they're going to ask for the basic email, name, and number. Then you get a little more personal and fill out your grade in school, GPA, and your year of graduation; they also ask the common questions about gender, race, ethnicity, et cetera. If you are active in any activities (in and out of school), they come in handy when you’re applying for scholarships. There are a lot of companies helping youthful athletes.
Now here is where you might want to do a little research: they will ask what colleges you wish to attend, what you plan to do for your career, what you wish to major in, and the jobs you are interested in. They will also ask for some background on your parents/guardians. Some questions are optional to answer; but keep in mind, the more questions you answer, the more likely you are to find scholarships where you fit the criteria. Remember that Fastweb is made so that you don’t waste your time reading numerous summaries and applications about scholarships you might not even apply for.

Exploring Your Scholarships

Once you have done all that is necessary and filled out the given questionnaire, you are ready to explore! Fastweb will automatically give you the number scholarships that you match with as well as the potential value (of money) you can earn. They inform you on the new and top scholarships that are currently going around as well as informing you about any new scholarships that you match with. If you join any new clubs, raise your GPA, or are looking for other professions, you can change your data in your student profile so that you can always be up to date with the scholarships best fit for you. If you are interested in a scholarship that they have listed, a link to the application process is provided. While browsing you can mark the scholarships you are interested in as well as get rid of those that hold no relevance towards you; Fastweb provides you a place so that you keep track of the scholarships you are interested in as well the ones you have applied for.

Need Help Meeting Requirements for Scholarships?

There is no need to fret. Fastweb helps struggling students get internships; as well as summer/seasonal jobs. They apply the same concept that they do to the scholarships, matching you to internships. The part time jobs are different, depending on your location and the company you wish to work for. Fastweb will then inform you whether the job is available or not. Getting an internship or part-time job will allow you to gain the kind of experience that colleges look for. You can also look to your school and sign-up for any clubs or sports that they have to offer, and depending on your school that as well offer you multiple scholarships to apply for. And that’s pretty much the entire walkthrough. If you are struggling to get your hands on any supplies for college, Fastweb offers student deals on their website that you can use and give you the most recent deals for you. Fastweb also offers high school and new college students numerous articles from student life to financial aid so that your journey through college runs as smoothly as possible.

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