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Meet Fastweb's 2019-2020 Student Contributor Team

Elizabeth Hoyt

September 12, 2019

Meet Fastweb's 2019-2020 Student Contributor Team
We’re excited to announce the September launch of Fastweb’s 2019-2020 Student Contributor series.
Back to school means we’re getting back to business! In this case, we’re referring to Fastweb’s annual Student Contributors’ program. We’re excited to announce the September launch of Fastweb’s 2019-2020 Student Contributor series. The main item of business today? Introducing you to this year’s fresh team of eight talented student writers, who are Fastweb members just like you! We’re excited for Fastweb members to get to know each member on this year’s Student Contributor team. This year, we’re more than a little excited about the 2019-2020 lineup! Learn more about the team, which consists of eight savvy student writers. They’re all students, like you, who are going through the very topics of discussion they write about.
Meet the new (and returning) student contributors’ team below. (Note: all names listed are in alphabetical order by last name.)

Meet Fastweb’s 2019-2020 Student Contributors:

Fastweb would like to welcome both friendly and fresh faces to the 2019-2020 Student Contributor team! These students span from high school to college students, so there’s a contributor in which each and every Fastweb member has student experiences in common.
Mary Bellm, College Sophomore, Truman State University
Read Mary’s first article, The Importance of Hobbies.
Osasere Ewansiha, College Freshman, San Jacinto College
Read Osasere’s first article, How to Have a Great First Day of Class.
Kayla Hankins, High School Senior, Bishop O'Dowd High School
Read Kayla’s first article, A Student Athlete’s Survival Guide to High School.
Aleena Islam, High School Junior, Panther Creek High School
Read Aleena’s first article, Navigating Your Junior Year.
Cherish Recera, College Junior, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Read Cherish’s first article, How “Procrasti-baking” Decreased My College Stress.
Charles Schnell, High School Senior, Palm Valley School
Read Charles’ first article, How Many Aps Should You Be Taking?
Shreya Thalvayapati, High School Junior, Hopkinton High School
Read Shreya’s first article, Mastering Time.
Caleb Wensloff, High School Senior, Glacier High School Charter
Read Caleb’s first article, How to Develop Great Extracurricular Activities.
More about Fastweb's Student Contributor Series:
Fastweb's Student Contributors series allows Fastweb members to gain insight on important student topics through the experiences of their peers, ranging from high school to graduate school. Discover, learn from and relate to articles written by Fastweb members who willingly share their first-hand encounters with student life and issues that matter most. Throughout the academic year, the team’s articles focus on various student-centric issues, such as college applications and admissions, applying for college scholarships, along with sharing their daily student life experiences in high school, college and graduate school. What does writing about “student life” entail? Anything on a student’s mind qualifies! Student contributors cover topics like study tips, extracurricular activities and athletics, study abroad, standardized test prep and part-time jobs – and those are just several examples of subjects that matter to students. Each of our student contributors write on a variety of themed topics, which usually focus on happenings within their academic, social or extracurricular lives that they feel that other students can relate to or learn from. Common topics include study tips, extracurricular activities, study abroad preparedness, standardized test tips and finding part-time jobs, for example. We like to think that giving students access to these voices is comparable to having several older siblings’ diaries - with instructions on what to do (and what not to do) in terms of academics and student life. After all, who better to learn from than your peers? We believe there’s no comparison to having actual students writing about what they’re going through from their first-person perspective. The opportunity to apply to the Fastweb Student Contributor team was extended to Fastweb members with listed career interests like creative writing, journalism, news media, publishing and related fields. Each year, we receive a high volume of student responses. While we wish we could choose everyone, we unfortunately had to set a limit. However, we would like to thank all students who applied for the Student Contributor positions. Choosing the team took a great deal of thought and effort as we received so many talented applicants. The result of our annual student contributor search? A team of student writers who are extremely qualified, motivated and are, if we do say so ourselves, one of the most talented student groups around! Our diverse team consists of students from all sorts of backgrounds, different ages, races and ethnicities. Just as no Fastweb member is alike, no student contributor is either! And, they’re all Fastweb members, just like you. Year after year, Fastweb works to enhance the overall learning experience for our student contributors, allowing the exciting opportunity to learn more about the editorial process, in hopes to improve writing skills and to increase the student understanding of publishing web content. In turn for sharing their unique student voices, each of the student contributors are given the unique opportunity to gain writing experience, work with an editor and learn about the web publishing process. Moreover, becoming part of Fastweb’s Student Contributor series is an invaluable opportunity for a student to gain writing, web publishing experience and exposure – an opportunity that was extended to Fastweb users who have career interests in Creative Writing, Journalism, News Media, Publishing and related fields. We also encourage you, the Fastweb reader, to find a student contributor’s voice you relate to and check back on their articles throughout the academic school year. They’ll cover topics you can relate to in real time all year long, especially if they’re in your academic school year. As always, you can find a complete list of all of this year’s student contributor team members and each of their articles on the student contributors page. In addition to providing students with valuable career experience, we created the Fastweb Student Contributors’ program to benefit you, our Fastweb audience. We hope that Fastweb members of all ages will take advantage of the unique perspectives provided by each of the student contributors throughout the 2019-2020 academic school year.
Want to see more student contributor content? View an entire list of the all of Fastweb’s student contributors and a current list of their articles.

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