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Lazy Halloween Costumes

No Halloween spirit? No problem!

Elizabeth Hoyt

September 11, 2018

Lazy Halloween Costumes
No spirit? No problem! Whether you just want to throw on a t-shirt or one random accessory, there are super easy Halloween options for you. Why even care? Mainly so people don’t bother you about not having a costume the entire night.
Check out the following Halloween ideas for those with little-to-no spirit, no free time or just don’t want people to bother them. You know who you are.

“Costume” T-shirts: Throw On & Done

No fuss, no muss! Just throw on a t-shirt that captures Halloween in essence and you’re golden.
“Costume” T-shirt,, $17.99

Image:“Skeleton” T-shirts,, Prices Vary

Image:"Ask Me About My Halloween Costume" Flip-up T-shirt,, $15.19

Off Shoulder Pumpkin Face Sweatshirt,, From $24.99

“Due to the Economy, This is my Halloween Costume” T-shirt,, $31.65


Non-Halloween Apparel with Halloween Flare

If you’re not into dressing up, but you still want to capture the spirit of Halloween, try an item with a Halloween theme. Technically, you’re celebrating, right?
Skull Cardigan,, From $7.03

Image: Leggings,, From $9.99


Halloween Accessories: Wear and Go

Throw on a simple Halloween accessory – whether it’s a hat or a silly mask – and voilá – insta-costume. • Avengers Paper Masks,, $7.68/set of 8

Image: Disguise Nose & Glasses,, $5.55

Image: Through the Head,, $5.49

Image: Note: images from each product's retailer website: Amazon; Crazydog; District Lines; Zazzle.

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