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10 Last-Minute Gifts for College Students

These college-student gifts are worth giving even outside of the holiday season.

Student Contributor, Aleena Islam

December 17, 2021

10 Last-Minute Gifts for College Students
Get them a gift they'll love AND use!
Colder temperatures mean it’s the holiday season! During this time, college students are under more stress than normal, as they’re finishing up the semester and taking their finals. Ease some of that stress by getting them a gift you know they’ll love and use. Here’s a list of 10 of the most valuable things you can give to the special college student in your life!
  1. Weighted Blanket
  2. Those dorm rooms get cold–like, really cold. A weighted blanket is the perfect gift for keeping a college student warm in the coming winter months. Weighted blankets are also known for improving sleep and easing anxiety, both of which could greatly help college students. I can attest to the fact that we students desperately need more sleep!
  3. Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Speakers are very useful to college students, whether they want some music in the background for a study session or hanging out with friends. A Bluetooth speaker makes a great gift that will last for years.
  5. Coffee Maker
  6. Being a college student isn’t cheap. Add in a caffeine addiction and that’s a recipe for disaster! Many students run on coffee but buying a cup every day adds up quickly. For your coffee-addict college student, consider buying a coffee maker that they can easily use in their dorm or apartment. Keurigs are a household name, but you can also opt for a French press or a cold brew maker for a stronger kick.
  7. LED Lights
  8. LED lights are the perfect decoration piece for any room! They have grown in popularity recently, and the fun colors will add a “wow factor” to a dorm room. This holiday season, get a LED lights kit for a college student and watch their face–and their room–light up!
  9. LifeStraw Filter Water Bottle
  10. Let’s be real. College water is not that clean. It’s why Britas are one of the most recommended items for college students to bring. Even if your college student has a Brita, a filtered water bottle still makes a great gift–they can filter any water from anywhere in the case that they don’t have their Brita. The LifeStraw is a nice water bottle that filters the water while keeping it cold. It should last through college and for years after!
  11. Tote Bags
  12. Tote bags are fashionable and so practical! They’re great alternatives for college students to keep their stuff in if they don’t feel like using a backpack that day. Tote bags of all fabrics and designs are easily found at Target, Etsy, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon. I’ve used my tote so many times, and I guarantee that a cute tote bag will make a college student very happy!
  13. Laptop Case or Laptop Sleeve
  14. All that walking around campus with a laptop in a backpack poses a potential risk for damage. Help the college student in your life keep their laptop safe with a case or sleeve! Gift a customized laptop sleeve or a hard case. If you’re going with the case, add some cute stickers to decorate!
  15. Reusable Film Camera
  16. Let’s go back in time! Film cameras are hugely popular now, with vintage aesthetics and unique photos. Gift a reusable film camera, or even a Polaroid or disposable film camera, to your photographer college student!
  17. Portable Charger
  18. While this might not seem like the most fun gift, I guarantee that portable chargers will get lots of use from a college student! Spending the whole day on campus drains your battery on both phone and laptop, so it’s handy to always keep a portable charger.
  19. College Merch
If no other gift on this list is speaking to you, then you can’t go wrong with gifting some college merch! All college students love to represent their school. Unfortunately, college merch is usually expensive. Check out the college’s online store for some sweatshirts, windbreakers, sweatpants, bags, and more!

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