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Jump Start Your Semester

Elizabeth Hoyt

August 07, 2018

Jump Start Your Semester
There are so many tasks to remember to accomplish – how can a student be expected to remember everything?
There are so many tasks to remember to accomplish – how can a student be expected to remember everything? Since you have so much to do at the start of each semester, it can naturally be quite cumbersome to keep track of all your tasks. Here’s a helpful list you can utilize to stay ahead from start to finish this semester:
1. Schedule your classes sooner than later, so you have as many options as possible
2. Attend each class the first week in order to evaluate which you’ll take and which you’ll drop
3. If you decide to drop any courses, do so as soon as possible so you don’t get charged!
4. Purchase your books, notebooks and school supplies - but remember to shop around so you get the best prices available!
5. Even if you’re familiar with campus, it’s helpful to map out your new route to classes so you’ll be prepared to get to and from each on time.
6. Organize all of your new class syllabus documents so you can reference them throughout the semester.
7. Create a study schedule so you can remain on top of your academics throughout the semester.
8. Enter all of the important dates (like tests, assignment due dates, etc.) for the entire semester from your syllabus your agenda book, phone, apps, calendar, etc. That way, you’ll never be caught off guard by a due date!
9. Sign up for Spring recruitment and Greek orientation, if you plan to join a sorority or fraternity this semester.
10. Go to each of your new professor’s office hours and introduce yourself (don’t forget about your TA’s, either!).
11. Explore your school’s study abroad options for the future.
12. Start looking for a job or internship, if you’re planning on getting one.
13. Fill out your FAFSA form to become eligible for federal student aid.
14. Remain diligent in applying for scholarships throughout the entire semester. It can be frustrating at times, but the more you apply for, the better your chances of winning!

Is there anything you’d add to the list?

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