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How to Find & Obtain an On-Campus Job

Bailey Vannatta

September 30, 2015

How to Find & Obtain an On-Campus Job
An on-campus job has a multitude of benefits - use these tips to find yours today!
According to The American Association of University Professors, nearly 80% of students work while in college. If you’re looking to get a job for some extra spending money, or to help pay for your tuition, the best option would be to get a job on-campus. On-campus jobs are typically more flexible with scheduling. Having a flexible schedule can help you to better manage your classes, schoolwork, and activities while having a job at the same time.

1. Do Your Research

The best way to find on-campus jobs are to start looking everywhere you can think of. You can contact your school’s Human Resources department to see which other departments are hiring. Many schools have dedicated part of their website to student work study programs, where they list jobs that are available.
Email supervisors of departments and ask them if they’re hiring, the worst thing they can say is “no” and you’ll never know until you try.

2. Apply Early

It’s best to start applying for on-campus jobs, even before you set foot on campus. I started college at the end of August, I applied for on-campus jobs in June. I was able to secure an interview and was hired to start in August.
Many students make the mistake of applying for on-campus jobs after they’ve started the new school year and, unfortunately, by then, most of the positions are already filled.

3. Apply Everywhere

The most important thing is not to be too picky. On-campus jobs are highly sought after and several students apply for each position. Apply for every position you think you’d be able to do, even if it is something that you’re not super excited about. In this day and age, a job is a job and an on-campus job will look good on your resume, no matter what it is.

4. The Interview Process

If you’re lucky enough to get an interview, that’s great news - you’re almost there! This is the most stressful part, and you really need to prepare yourself for it. Make sure to bring a hard copy of your resume, employers typically like to take notes on it. In preparation of the interview, practice some typical interview questions before so you’re not stumbling through. It’s also important to approach the interview as professionally as possible, not matter what the position entails. Dress professionally, speak professionally and act professionally - these aspects this will help you get your right foot in the door and gain and edge over other candidates who don’t take the interview process seriously. Campus departments are looking for students who will represent their department well, so this is your opportunity to show them that you are the right candidate for the position.

5. The Follow Up

Your interviewer will typically give you a card to contact them by, if not, simply ask for one or get their information from their receptionist or online. The person who interviewed you most likely has a very busy schedule, so make sure to send a follow up email or, better yet, impress them with a hand-written thank you note to make sure to put your interview on their mind. This is also a courtesy gesture that will show them just how professional you are. Refer to your interview discussion, adding in any personal details you may have discussed, which will help them to recall your interview (as they are likely interviewing many candidates), shows that you were attentive during the conversation and adds a personal touch to your note. Getting an on-campus job is a lot of work, so you have to be patient, but it is certainly worth the effort!

6. The Many Benefits

An on-campus job has a multitude of benefits. Not only is a great opportunity to have, but it can help you earn extra money while in school, add to your resume experience, help you gain great references from college professors and/or members of your college’s administration (depending on the position) and will give you job skills that you can use for a lifetime. Now that you know the drill, all you need to do is get out there and start applying!

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