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How College Visits Make Your College Decisions Easier

Stella Santa Ana, Student Contributor

August 14, 2017

How College Visits Make Your College Decisions Easier
College visits can help make your final decision much easier to make - here's why.
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With a sigh, you quickly dismiss these emails as you search for something different. Something new. For months, all the emails you've been receiving have been from different colleges who want you to apply there. And just like the previous email, they're all the same. They say how you’re perfect for their college and proceed to telling you why their college is perfect for you. But you don’t know that for sure. How can you make your decision based off of an email? Choosing where to go to college is not an easy decision. It puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders; after all, you're basically choosing the place where you're going to spend the next four (or more!) years of your life at, all while paying thousands of dollars of tuition. You have to take into account the cost of tuition, distance from where you live, student body and programs they offer. As if that isn't enough, you still have to keep up your grades, extracurriculars and social life in the current school year. So…what now?
College visits don't hurt. Think about it. Which would make the decision of choosing a college easier? Spending hours reading through the hundreds of emails colleges send you? Or being there, in person, to see and explore the college for yourself? A college visit would entail you visiting the college(s) of interest, to learn more about it than just reading a description of the college online. All you have to do is contact the admissions office and schedule when you would like to visit. Once you arrive, you can take a tour of the campus and see what being there would actually be like. The visit isn't just limited to a tour though. You can arrange to sit in class lectures, see specific areas of the campus or just hang out and get to know current students. The amount of information you can learn from a college visit is significantly greater than anywhere else. After all, you're learning about everything there, at the heart of it all. Most tours are lead by current students, so their insights and opinions can help you decide whether you like the college or not. While there, you can visit the admissions office to get a feel for the admissions process. Or if you prefer to do things by yourself, you can simply spend the day wandering the campus and seeing where you find yourself. If you have the slightest interest in any college, take a visit! You have nothing to lose, after all. You'll be getting the feel for college life, and gaining lots of insight that'll help you choose where you want to go in no time. Visiting colleges also shows admission offices your interest in applying, which can give you the upper hand in the future, when you do submit your application. So the next time you get another handful of college emails begging you to go to their school, find the ones that really interest you. Whether you’re interested due to a school’s location or a specific major they have, it'll make the visit worthwhile. Remember, visiting colleges will be a more memorable experience in the future which in turn will make the college experience more enjoyable.

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