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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your College Acceptance Letters

It's college acceptance letter season! Celebrate with friends and family with these ideas.

Student Contributor, Ailani Ocasio

March 15, 2021

Fun Ways to Celebrate Your College Acceptance Letters
Celebrate your college application accomplishments and get excited for the year ahead.
The college application process was arduous and long but now we’re at the finish line, waiting for the decisions. Chances are you’ve already received an acceptance letter by the time you read this piece. If so, I ask you, have you celebrated? After all that work, all those years, it’s important to take time for yourself and revere in your accomplishments. Currently, I’ve received four college admission decisions and am still waiting for the others to come in, but I plan on celebrating these accomplishments (regardless if I’m accepted or not) once the year ends. However, if you’d like to celebrate now or once those letters get in, here are some ideas:
  1. Make Cupcakes

    - 2 cups of excitement - 1 cup of pride - 2 tablespoons of fun - 1 pinch of fear Also, check out this recipe to make actual cupcakes: Recipe 1 or Recipe 2.
  2. Post on Social Media

    If you like to share important moments with your friends on social media, now’s the time to do so. Take a picture with the school’s mascot or colors, tag the school, and share.
  3. Tour the School with Your Friends

    If this is a possibility, invite your friends to walk around the campus with you. You can show them the building you’d like to live in, the library, a cool coffee shop, the main building/entrance and all the aspects you love about the school. Afterwards you can take a picture and share it.
  4. Host a Virtual Party

    Send out a link for Zoom and invite your family and friends to celebrate your acceptances. There may not seem like much to do but there are a lot of games you can play in Zoom. You can also decorate your wall with the school’s colors and ask your friends to do something similar. Fun games to play on Zoom: • Bingo: Play with BingoMaker • Scattegories: Choose from various topics and whoever has the most names wins in that category! • Codenames: There are 25 secret agents and you must identify who’s who before the other player. • Psych: Players come up with fake answers to Trivia questions and you must figure out which answers are real. • Mafia: Play with Epicmafia Check out more fun Zoom games from Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping.

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