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Celebrate a New Season: Fun Fall Ideas for College Students

Ashley Paskill

September 15, 2016

Celebrate a New Season: Fun Fall Ideas for College Students
Make the most of your semester - start by celebrating the season.
The fall semester brings a new season and a new school year. It can be difficult to get into, especially for those who had an amazing summer. Getting back into the swing of things is tough, with a new class schedule and new opportunities on campus. However, the new season can be magical, with fall beverages, sports, and much more! Try these ideas to make the most of the season:
Discover a new favorite coffee or tea.
The fall is a popular time for coffee, especially pumpkin spice! Try something outside of your usual choice, or try coffee and/or tea for the first time. If pumpkin spice not your favorite, there are other flavors, like hazelnut or French vanilla, available to try. Ask your friends and classmates what flavors and drinks are their favorites and resolve to try one each week. Venture into your college city or town and try the coffee shop that everyone has been raving about.
Wear your favorite sweatshirt from your school.
The fall semester ushers in colder weather. Bundle up with a sweatshirt with your college on it! These are often available in the bookstore on campus, but department stores such as Boscov’s have many schools available at a less expensive price than the bookstore. Other cold-weather gear that may be purchased include hats, jackets, gloves, scarves, and sweatshirt blankets that have your college on them.
Cheer your school on at a sporting event.
Fall is an awesome and exciting time for sports fans. Football is a very popular fall sport if your college has a team. Other fall sports include field hockey, soccer, and volleyball. Tickets to games are often free for students and transportation to the game is included if the game is not on campus or within walking distance. If a game is an away game, your college may have a viewing party for fans to come together to cheer on your team, even if you cannot be there physically. Attending sporting events is a great way to boost your school spirit and meet new people!
Decorate a pumpkin for your dorm.
Pumpkin everything is in season during the fall! From pumpkin spice coffee to jack-o-lanterns being carved for Halloween, pumpkin is unavoidable. To show off school spirit or personal creativity, decorate a pumpkin. Many craft stores sell artificial pumpkins so that you can decorate it and reuse it year after year. Paint your school in your school’s colors or show off something about you that others may not know. Be creative and have fun!
Complete your New Year’s resolutions.
The fall brings about the feeling that the year is going to end soon. Re-evaluate what your goals were for the year and see how far you have progressed. If you have not achieved everything you had hoped for, it is not too late! There is still time to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. Make a list of your goals and make a plan for how you are going to accomplish them. Work at your goals a bit every day to ensure you do not feel overwhelmed come December.

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