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Finding a Part-Time Job in High School

Osasere Ewansiha, Student Contributor

February 19, 2019

Finding a Part-Time Job in High School
Getting a high school job has its perks. Here's how you can find one.
There are plenty of reasons why someone might want to get a job in high school. Some reasons may include having more spending money, saving up for a car or to start saving up for college. All of these reason are good and they demonstrate a transition from a dependent high school student to an independent college bound junior or senior. Of course, getting a part-time job is not an automatic pass to adulthood but no matter how unimportant getting a job may seem, it does show growth. Getting a job in high school does have its perks. As mentioned above, the money earned would be yours to spend and do with as you wish, that weekend movie or that dream car will be easier to attain. However, school should still be the most important thing in your focus. Part time jobs are temporary and what may seem like a lot of money now will be nothing when you are in your thirties. School, by itself, is already stressful so before you go all in in a part time job, make sure you can take the extra work load before making a commitment. Take the time to think about possible scheduling conflicts and existing obligations. Once you have done all of your soul searching, it is time to start searching for a job! There are many different places that you can find a job. First, try seeing if a relative needs some extra help on the weekend. If you’ve ever mowed lawns before or are willing to start, try mowing some lawns around the neighborhood. If you’re good with kids, you can try babysitting. If this type of work is not for you, then try hitting up some local stores and see if they need help.
Applying or handing in applications in person makes you stand out as a much more memorable candidate for the job. Check out spots that seem to need to extra manpower, such as a grocery store or a retail store. Even if there is no “Help Wanted” sign out front, you should still go inside and ask. It never hurts to try! If this in-person approach does not work for you, then try surfing the web for some jobs. A quick google search can produce a plethora of job openings in your area. There are plenty of opportunities to be found online. New jobs are being posted every day. If google is not yielding any desirable results. Try checking out Fastweb’s part-time job listings!
Did you know that now you can find part-time jobs on Fastweb?
You can make some money online too. If you are doing well in school and want to impart your knowledge onto others, try online tutoring. You can do from the comfort of your home! If you have any special skills or talents that you can sell, try selling on websites like Fiverr. You could sell different types of services like your artistic skills or your editing proficiency. Remember, school should always come first. Don’t stress if you cannot find a job right away. From some people it can take one day and for others it can take a week or more! Make sure you have your priorities in check. Stay safe while job searching and make sure to keep everything in line and in order. Maybe with that first paycheck, you can put a little bit way for college!

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