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Fastweb Roommate Horror Stories

Kathryn Knight Randolph

August 01, 2018

Fastweb Roommate Horror Stories
Fastweb users share their roommate horror stories for back to school season.
With the start of the school year approaching, some of you may be meeting your new roommates for the first time in just a few weeks. And while most colleges go through an extensive matching game to find the perfect roommate for you, sometimes they miss the mark. While bad roommates seem torturous at the time, they make for a great story later. That’s why we asked Fastweb users to share their horrific roommate stories so you can either brace yourself or simply laugh at the audacity of some people when it comes to sharing space.
The Stinker
“My roommate was a softball player and had four hour practices every night. She would come back from practice dripping with sweat. She would shower twice a week on a good week. Needless to say, our room smelt like a poorly kept pig barn. She would leave her dirty clothes all over the room, and they were all damp from sweat. Multiple nights I had to sleep in the lounge because the smell was too much to take. One night she took off her socks and I began gagging and ran out of the room. She just laughed, and she waited another three days to shower after the incident. She was truly the most disgusting person I have ever encountered.” – doug6266
The Shedder
“My sophmore year I spent one semester with a very interesting girl. She dyed her hair black, bleached random parts of it, and clipped in fake hair. I am all about freedom of expression, so if that's what she enjoyed--great for her. But in regards to living with her, I refused to walk around the room without shoes on. She would "rat" her hair with a comb every morning and leave piles of her gross black dried-out hair around the room. She also didn't believe in doing dishes on a regular basis, but wasn't as bad as my freshman roomie. We tried several vaccuums that girls had on the floor, and none of them could clean-up the disgusting hair.” – ib40ddi
The Nudist
“I did the normal thing, I sent a email, saying hi, and what I was bringing and so forth. We had a lot in common. Those so very famous words. Move in day - she was fully clothed, and nice. Her parents helped her move in. Me - I arrived in my beat up jeep and dumped my stuff on my side of the room and took off for the barns on campus to start my J O B. When I returned that night, around 6, she was sitting at her desk completely naked. All over the walls were nude photos of her and some guy. I said hello, and ignored the fact she was naked and grabbed a change of clothes and my shower supplies, went to the shower and came back, total time 20 minutes. In 20 minutes she had managed to turn the room into a circus of naked people. Literally 15 people naked. Not only that but sitting on my bed. I asked her nicely why everyone was naked. Her answer.... "I AM A NUDIST, AND SO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE HERE.” – arosenberger1
The Hibernator
“One of the girls we will call her Cee*, slept like a deaf log. Her alarm would go off for a full 10 minutes and she wouldn't even flinch. She would hit snooze repeatedly to the point where she missed her entire 50 min. lectures. Despite our pleas to wake up and even yelling at her in the morning she continued to hit snooze.” -- gms27
The Embezzler
“My freshman year in college I was renting out a room with 6 people in a two bedroom apartment (talk about cramped). We all paid rent to one guy who had his name on the lease already. A couple of months into renting, I notice a note tacked to our door. It had stated that we were late for rent. Everyone was confused because we had all paid our money to the guy who's name was on the lease originally. We brought this to his attention, and he stated it must be a mistake because he paid it. He even showed us a copy of the check. We were relieved at first and thought nothing about it. . . until we got an eviction notice. I went to the rental office and spoke with the manager. He told me that rent had not been paid in three months. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted. I showed him proof that I had been paying my portion of the rent. He said that he didn't care because no rent ever got to him. Armed with this knowledge, we confronted our obviously lying roommate. He broke down and told us that he had used our money to buy cocaine to sell, but that he dipped into it and snorted all of it instead of paying the rent. When we demanded our money back, he said sorry but there is nothing we could do about it and he wasn't going to pay us. We decided to call the police on him, and he got arrested. The day of my birthday was spent frantically trying to find an apartment to rent before I got evicted (which I did). That was the worst roommate I ever had.” – asrianam Learn how to better deal with roommate conflicts.
The Thief
“Around the first of March, though, Girl B told me and Girl A that she was planning to move out and take a room with a bunch of other girls she knew. Girl A and I were confused but okay with it, and Girl B told us she had paid the rest of the lease (through July) to her sub-letter, so we could take our time finding a roommate. Soon after Girl B packed most of her stuff up, I discovered that my ENTIRE set of cookware was gone-- my Dutch oven, frying pans, and saucepans, along with their lids. I was frantic, mostly because I was low on cash at that point and couldn't afford to eat out; plus, that cookware is copper-bottomed, so it's pretty awesome cookware. I emailed Girl B and apologized for asking it of her (she was working full-time and juggling school and moving on top of that, so far as I knew) but asked if she could check her packed stuff and see if she accidentally took my cookware. She said that she didn't, but soon after saying that she started sending me pictures of items (some of which I later found out was Girl A's) and asking if any of them were mine. I pointed out which ones were, and she brought some of my cookware back… I was going to let it go until Girl A told me about her stuff being missing; I finally got with my mom (who is a Criminal Justice major), looked up the relevant statutes of theft for my state, and outlined them in an email, adding at the end that "I don't want to have to call the police, but if you continue refusing to give us our belongings back, I will." She showed up a few days later to get her furniture and a few more things she'd left in the apartment-- and she brought TWO POLICEMEN WITH HER! I didn't know what to say, but she did bring back most of our stuff (again, I didn't realize it until later, but she still has a glass dish of mine) and the police told me that if I needed them to come while she got the larger furniture later that day, I was free to contact them.” -- lucrezianyx

Think you have a roommate story that tops these? Share with us below!

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