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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for 2023

Your DIY costume could be in your closet. Get some Halloween costume inspiration.

Shawna Newman

September 27, 2023

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for 2023
Is your costume hiding in the closet?
Don't pay a ton of money for a cheap Halloween costume you'll only use for Halloween 2023. Instead, save money by looking in your own closet for great costume ideas. Check out this list of DIY or last-minute Halloween costume ideas you can put together from items you already own. A bonus of DIY costumes is the admiration you'll get from friends they admire your creativity and style!! Check out the following easy costume ideas, which you can find supplies for in your closet – right now!

2023 Halloween Costume Ideas

Some of the below could also help you craft group costume or couple costume ideas for the Halloween party you'll be attending:

Barbie Costume


Here's what you'll need create your Barbie Halloween costume: • Blonde Wig
• Pink Dress or Pink Clothes
• High Heels
• Pink Sunglasses
There are so many variations of Barbie costumes! You could consider a Barbie costume DIY like: • Workout Barbie Costume • A Barbie and Ken Halloween Costume • Barbie Box Costume • Toy Story Barbie Costume If you love the idea of a Barbie costume, but don't have the time or items to put it together consider this discounted Barbie cowgirl costume for adults: Women's Barbie Movie Cowgirl Costume | Barbie Costumes - Click here to save 15%

Super Mario


What you'll need:
• Red Hat with Letter "M"
• White Gloves
• Denim Overalls
• Mustache
• Mushroom Plushy
Relive your childhood with our fun video game costumes and toy costumes this Halloween! - Click here to save 15%

Top Gun (Goose or Maverick)


What you'll need:
• Green Jump Suit
• White T-Shirt
• Aviators (Sunglasses)
• Flight Patches
• Mustache
You can find even more discounted Top Gun accessories for your Halloween costume here: Shop Top Gun - Click here to save 20%

Stranger Things, Robin's Scoops Ahoy Uniform Costume


What you'll need:
• Sailor Hat (Add "AHOY" to the hat)
• Blue Striped Shirt
• Red Scarf/Neck Tie
• Ice Cream Pin/Patch
• Red "Robin" Name Tag

Black Panther


What you'll need:
• Black Long-Sleeve Shirt Collar
• Silver Beads for the Shirt
• Black Pants
• Black Boots or Shoes
• Black Panther Mask
• Black Gloves
Don't have enough time to put together a DIY Black Panther costume? Check out these deals below: Shop Black Panther Shop for Black Panther costumes at! - Click here to save 15%


Shop Now! What you'll need:
• Green dress, pants or skirt
• Sparkly or pastel top
• Sparkly/glitter accessories
• Pastel-toned accessories
• Mermaid crown
• Shell, fish or scale accessories

Rosie the Riveter


What you'll need:
• Denim Shirt
• Red Polka Dot Scarf or Bandana
• Black Eyeliner
• Red Lipstick
• Brooch
• Boyfriend Jeans
• Utility boots
• Factory-inspired accessories
Skip digging through your closet and get everything you need for the costume here: Costume Rosie the Riveter Kit - Click here to save 15%

Mister Rogers


What you'll need:
• "Grandpa" Cardigan Sweater
• Oxford Shirt
• Tie
• Trousers
• Sneakers
• Puppet
Or, find all you need right here: Mister Rogers Men's Sweater Costume - Click here to save 15%

Waldo from Where's Waldo


What you'll need:
• Red and White Striped Shirt
• Red and White Hat
• Brown Shoes
• Skinny Jeans
• Cane
• Thick Glasses
Where’s Waldo Book (optional)
Or, shop for forever popular Where's Waldo costumes at! - Click here to save 15%

Minnie Mouse


What you'll need:
• Red Dress or Black Dress
• Black Tights (Polka Dot, if Available)
• Black Pumps
• Black Belt
• Red Lipstick
• Mouse Ears with Bow
• Red Lipstick
• Red Nail Polish
• Black Eyeliner
Shop Disney costumes at!



What you'll need:
• Pink outfit
• Feather accessories
• Pink, white and black accessories (but mainly pink)
Or buy a Adult Flamingo Inflatable Costume

Frida Kahlo


What you'll need:
• Flowing Dress or Top/Skirt
• Scarf or Shawl
• Eyebrow Pencil or Shadow
• Neon Lipstick
• Floral Headband
• Colorful Ribbons
• Bright Necklaces
• Large Dangle Earrings
If you don't have everything you'll need to make this Frida costume come together consider buying what you need: Red Frida Kahlo Women's Costume - Click here to save 15% Frida Kahlo Flower Adult Headband Costume - Click here to save 15%

Elvis Presley


What you'll need:
• Black Leather Jacket
• White T-shirt
• Jeans
• Loafers or Boots
• Elvis Hair
• Guitar or Microphone
Don't mess up the King of Rock costume. Check out these options if you'd rather skip digging through your closet: Adult Rock Stars Elvis Costume - Click here to save 15% Women's Elvis Jumpsuit If you enjoy Halloween, consider checking out the articles below: Weird Scholarships Halloween Candy Quiz Scary Movies to Watch this Halloween America's Most Haunted Colleges Fastweb may be compensated when you click the links in this article and/or take other qualifying actions.

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