Student Life

Discovering the Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

Ryan Smith, Student Contributor

February 13, 2018

Discovering the Benefits of Extracurricular Activities
Discover the benefits and potential options for you to participate in.
Extracurricular activities are important for your college applications, as well as rounding out your high school experience. Read on to discover the benefits and potential options for you to participate in.
Things you can do after school
Developing a routine of going to school, doing homework, sleeping, and starting over can be mind-numbing. But don't fear, there is an easy fix for this. Actually, there are many easy fixes. They come in the forms of after school activities. These activities are everywhere, they are offered by the school, as well as other places in your community.
Why should I participate?
Schoolwork can become very stressful and at times, you need something to get it off your mind. Extracurricular activities also look good to colleges. They like to know that you are doing things other than schoolwork.
The most obvious extracurricular activity is a club. Most high schools offer a wide variety of clubs. They can range anywhere from a robotics club to a film club. These clubs can give you a fun alternative to things you learn in school. They can also be a great way to make new friends who have the same interests as you. Get out of your comfort zone and join a club that peaks your interest. There are also some ways to form clubs at your school. Clubs such as the Beta club and National Honors Societies looks very good on college applications. They require you to work very hard at your studies but also offer cool group events.
Another popular afterschool activity is sports. Sports can require a lot of work but can also be very rewarding. However, some schools often have good sports teams, making it difficult to get a spot. Another option is to join a rec league. Whether you join by yourself or with a couple of friends, it can be very fun. Also, some sports teams are no cuts meaning you will make the team no matter what. Sports can be a great way to get your mind off school while also staying in shape.
The School Play
Doing theatre can also be very fun. It takes talent to star in a high school play. But if you're just looking for some fun, playing an extra or working backstage is for you. There are normally lots of rehearsals but they can get you very close with a nice group of people.
Get a Job
A job is good for many reasons. One reason is the money. If you need money to go out with friends, or if you just want to start a college fund, getting a job can provide you with income. Another very important part of a job is that it gives you experience at a young age. Even working at a fast food restaurant can be counted as experience. Also, depending on where you decide to work, you will develop connections that can possibly help you find work after college.
Have Fun
One of the most important things in life is to enjoy your high school years while they last. After high school, you go to college, then become part of the working class. These extracurricular activities can help you enjoy high school while also helping you prepare for your fu

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