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Discover Spring Break 2022 Destinations

A Student Contributor shares some of the top spring break 2022 destinations as well as ideas on how to spend the week if you're staying close to home.

Student Contributor, Aleena Islam

February 16, 2022

Discover Spring Break 2022 Destinations
Discover spring break destinations and things to do if you're staying home.
Spring break. That sacred one week of freedom in five months of academics, extracurriculars, and just plain stress. Compared to the fall term, the second semester has such few breaks that it’s essential to make the most of spring break. Regardless of if you’re looking to relax, vacation somewhere, or do something meaningful, this article will hopefully have a recommendation for everyone!

Places to Go

For those college students looking for the spring break of a lifetime, here are a few places to consider visiting! These destinations are perfect for students on a budget, students looking to live in luxury for a week after a winter of dorm living, and everyone in between. Panama City Beach, Florida What better place is there to spend your spring break than the “Spring Break Capital of the World?” The city embraces its reputation as a hub for college students on spring break, planning events, hosting live music, and providing activities and entertainment that last through the season.
During your spring break, take in the 20+ mile expanse of white beaches, the sunny air, and lively atmosphere. Panama Beach promises accommodations that can fit with anyone’s budget. New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans is a world unto itself, with its distinct dialect, French history, and attractions like Mardi Gras and the French Quarter. Immerse yourself in a new culture and atmosphere with a visit to one of the most unique cities in the country. Charleston, South Carolina
The elegant and historical Charleston is the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to travel for part of their break. The famous Rainbow Row, the colonial vibes from the horse-drawn carriages and cobblestone pathways, and the oceanside air make Charleston a beautiful place to relax for a few days. Choose from a plethora of hotels, inns, and Airbnbs for the best vacation for you! New York City, New York For those college students who are always on the move, there’s no place better than New York City, the city that never sleeps. New York City is a year-round destination, but spring break brings out the warmth and vibrancy of the city. Stroll through Central Park, followed by an outdoor meal at one of the many restaurants across the city.
Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the green spaces in the city, from a stroll through Central Park, appreciating the botanical gardens, and attending one of the many flower festivals occurring during this time.

Things to Do

While some students may be out and about vacationing during spring break, the vast majority (me included!) will likely be spending this time relaxing at home, recharging for the final few months of the semester. Here are some great things to do at home during break so you can have fun and recharge simultaneously! Go to a Concert Many artists are starting to announce tour dates after a two-year hiatus. Spring break is the perfect time to go to a concert without worrying about academic obligations. Pick your favorite singer and go see them live with a few friends! Visit New Restaurants I know many of you can relate to being guilty of picking the same few restaurants every time you go out–I know I can! This spring break, step out of your comfort zone with some meals at some new, quirky, unique restaurants. Grab a couple friends or family members and try some delicious food! Work on a Puzzle Hear me out on this one. I’ve recently discovered the world of 500-, 1,000-, and 2,000-piece puzzles, and it is astonishing. They are both exciting and perplexing. Big puzzles will keep you occupied for a long period of time and can be a great way to work your brain in a fun way during break. Go out to your local bookstore and see if they have any puzzles for you to work on! Go For a Picnic Spring break brings with it sunny weather perfect for picnicking. Grab a blanket, your best friends, and a basket of food for an afternoon under the sun. For the perfect picnic, bring some strawberries, lemonade, and some sweet treats.

Other Things to Do

Study Abroad Spring break is a great time to study abroad for a short time without the commitment of traveling for a full semester. A few colleges offer study abroad programs that you can apply and sign up for in the fall semester. It may be too late to look into this option for the upcoming spring break, but if this interests you, maybe look into it for future breaks! Volunteer Spring break is the perfect time to do that volunteering that you didn’t have time for during the busy semester. Find a nonprofit or organization that interests you to make volunteering fun and enriching. Try out your local pet shelter, museum, or nonprofit in a field you’re looking into. Hopefully one of these destinations or ideas inspires you to make the most of your spring break!

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