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Common App Tips & Recommendations

There are almost 700 colleges on the site, and it makes the college process much simpler.

Fastweb Staff

November 08, 2017

Common App Tips & Recommendations
For those looking into colleges, The Common Application is a great way to start. There are almost 700 colleges on the site, and it makes the college process much simpler. Instead of individually applying to each college, you can input your basic information once and the data will transfer to your choices. You can link your college recommenders, your counselor, and any other information you want them to have. At first it can seem quite overwhelming, but all of the information is on the website.

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To officially get an idea of what you want to do, there is the How to Apply section, which provides information about general application information, and a convenient way to research any college questions you have. Not only that, but there are virtual counselors that walk you through general comments and concerns.
There’s also the Plan Ahead section that highlights major points to acknowledge before applying to colleges.

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The website helps with deadlines, and keeps things clear and concise. It breaks things down simply: there are various financial options, whether FAFSA, or scholarships from smaller organizations. Overall, the website is highly effective, and lessens stress dramatically. It, as well as Fastweb, is a great resource to use for any questions you have. The first step is to find out your major interests, and possible locations you could see yourself at. You’ve got this!

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