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Categorizing Your Scholarship Searches

Vanessa Salazar, Student Contributor

November 07, 2018

Categorizing Your Scholarship Searches
Scholarships are a great way to earn and win college money and you can apply for as many as you want.
As college tuition costs continue to rise, figuring out how you plan to pay for college is a stressful process. Even with the aid given to many through FAFSA or other awarded grants, for many this still does not cover the cost that of tuition that college and universities have. Scholarships are a great way to earn and win college money and you can apply for as many as you want. It may sound like an easy process but knowing which scholarships to apply for and how many to is time consuming. It can be difficult to win scholarships due to the thousands of college students applying for them. This is why applying to as many scholarships possible is important. Use Fastweb to help narrow down your searches based on the information you include. There are many websites that require you to earn points by taking surveys to be able to apply for scholarships. But, despite the effort it takes to enter, it is worth it because these scholarships are worth a lot of money.
The scholarship search should be a weekly or even daily habit to ensure that you know the declines and how long it has been open. Making it a daily habit to apply to at least one a day or search for them gives you a greater chance of winning something. Some scholarships will only be worth $200 or even less. But, don’t let this push you away from applying. The more scholarships you apply for, the better because you have a higher chance of winning. You also have a much better chance of winning a smaller scholarship because less students apply for them. A lot of scholarships ask for essays or short responses taking into consideration how unique your response is among the rest of the applicants. The most important aspect to applying for these is to be sure to take your time and to really answer the prompt thoroughly. You want to stand out and be unique just as you would when you apply for colleges.
Narrowing down your scholarship search can be done based on your interests. Try to find scholarships that involve your interests or have requirements that you meet as it makes it easier on you to do them. Despite the long process of searching and applying for scholarships, it is worth the try to win free money and help pay for your dream school.

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