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Burger King Launches Contest to Help Grads Pay Student Loans

Burger King Launches Contest to Help Grads Pay Student Loans
Whopper Loans runs from May 23 to June 6.
If you’re anything like the typical college graduate, you probably owe a few thousand dollars in student loan debt. In fact, the average student now graduates college with $29,800, according to Student Loan Hero. Though student borrowers are only given several payback plans, like loan consolidation and public service loan forgiveness, individuals and companies alike are doing their part to help alleviate the national student loan debt problem. And Burger King is the latest to jump on the bandwagon. On May 23, they launched the Whopper Loans Sweepstakes, which seeks to help borrowers eliminate their student loans with both a weekly and a grand prize drawing. Over the course of the two weeks, 300 hundred weekly prizes will be awarded up to $500; and at the end of the sweepstakes, one winner will win up to $100,000.
To enter, borrowers must do the following: • Download the Burger King app. • Make a purchase through the app. • Enter monthly student loan payment amount as well as any other necessary info (like contact phone number or email).
Please note that eating Burger King for every meal in no way increases your chances of winning. Only one purchase a week counts toward the weekly drawing. However, many Twitter users have vowed that if they win money through the sweepstakes, they’ll only eat Burger King for the rest of their lives. Burger King is teaming up with Earnest, a student loan refinancing company, to present the sweepstakes. In addition to the sweepstakes, Earnest is offering any Burger King customers a $200 bonus for refinancing their student loans with them. Again, student borrowers have through June 6 to download the app, make a purchase and enter the sweepstakes. Get your Whopper soon. It may go further than filling your stomach; it may satisfy your student loan debt.

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