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Back to School Sales Tax Holiday: When to Shop in Your State

Stock up on back to school supplies on these free sales tax days.

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

July 12, 2018

Back to School Sales Tax Holiday: When to Shop in Your State

Back to school is upon us, and the frenzy that surrounds preparing and shopping for school supplies, clothes and electronics has inspired a holiday shopping season of sorts. The National Retail Federation estimates that back to school spending will reach $82.8 billion this year, with each family spending an average of $685 on apparel, shoes, supplies and electronics.

Families with college students expect to spend even more. College age students are estimated to spend $888.71. Naturally, college back to school is a bit more expensive. In addition to clothes, supplies and electronics, students have to splurge for dorm room bedding, mini refrigerators and other furnishings.

Retailers and lawmakers alike are working together to motivate consumers to spend more money during the weeks leading up to back to school through tax free shopping days in various states. So far, a total of 18 states will be participating in some sort of tax-free shopping for back to school, according to the Federation of Tax Administrators.

Participating states:

•Alabama: July 20 – 22

• Arkansas: August 4 – 5

• Connecticut: August 19 – 25

• Florida: August 3 – 5

• Georgia: August 4 – 5

• Iowa: August 3 – 4

• Louisiana: September 3 – 4

• Maryland: August 12 – 18

• Mississippi: July 27 – 28

• Missouri: August 3 – 5

• New Mexico: August 3 – 5

• Ohio: August 3 – 5

• Oklahoma: August 3 – 5

• South Carolina: August 3 – 5

• Tennessee: July 27 – 29

• Texas: August 10 – 12

• Virginia: August 3 – 5

• Wisconsin: August 1 – 5

Happy Shopping!

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