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A Quick Glance at Alternative College Options

Mckenzie Nevins

September 28, 2016

A Quick Glance at Alternative College Options
Learn the basics behind various college options.
Despite what today's modern culture seems to tell us, there are a growing number of careers that don’t require a college degree – and even for those that do, there are options beyond moving across the country and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. The traditional university experience is the path for some, but for many it isn’t. For that reason, I wanted to explore some alternative college options.

Community Colleges

While it may not seem as glamorous as the typical four-year university, community college can get you the credits you need…without the hefty price tag.
It can also help with the transition away from home if you do decide to attend a larger university later. It’s like the in-between stepping stone. Besides that, it’s a great way to solidify what you want to do with your life! If you do decide to transfer, make sure you take community college credits that will transfer to give yourself a head start and save some money.

Vocational and Trade Schools

For some skill-based career paths, trade schools are the best way to go. The process is also usually shorter – requiring just a year or two at technical school. While skill-based, or blue-collar, jobs sometimes come with negative stereotypes, the truth is that technical school graduates are often paid just as much if not more than college graduates, and they get into the work force a year or two sooner.

Online Schools

Online college options can save both time and money. Be warned, however, that this option can be difficult if you aren’t very self-motivated. It will require a lot of self-driven work if you’re going to get it done in a timely manner. Whatever path you chose, make sure you’ve done enough research to be confident you’ve made the right choice!

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