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'Tis the Season to Be...Productive?

Kathryn Knight Randolph

December 12, 2016

'Tis the Season to Be...Productive?
Use the holidays to your benefit and get ahead on your college applications.
By now, your countdown to the holiday break has begun, and you're more than stressed with upcoming finals. Your brain is not only tied up in studying. It's also calculating which grade will put you just across the passing threshold. The last thing on your mind right now is how to spend your break productively.

Finalize College Applications
The task sounds daunting in and of

itself. But it won't even require an entire day of your time. Take one morning (or afternoon) to finalize those last few pages. Also, this is a great time to e-mail your admissions officer to make sure they've received all pieces of your application. And if you're extra ambitious over the break, you can start on scholarship applications too!

Make Some Money
Although the sound of working over the holidays

sounds like a burden, the fact is it's something different from studying. Moreover, a holiday job literally pays off. You can use that cash to save for spring break or to buy an outfit for New Year's.

Write Your Study Abroad Essay
If you're in college and considering study abroad, now is the time to write your study abroad essay or fill out your application. It's better than using one of your hard-earned weekends during the

beginning of second semester. And if there isn't time to write the whole thing, simply draft an outline-it should only take a few hours!

Finally, relax…
Home for the holidays is synonymous with sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace. Use the break to be "productive" in relaxation as well. By doing so, you are rested up and ready to go for next year!

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Kathryn Knight Randolph

Associate Content Editor

Kathryn Knight Randolph is the Associate Content Editor at Fastweb. She has 17 years of higher education experience, working first as an Admissions Officer at DePauw University before joining Fastweb. In b...

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