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Trivia App Enables Grads to Pay Off Student Loan Debt

Trivia App Enables Grads to Pay Off Student Loan Debt
Givling makes paying off student loans fun.
It’s not an uncommon fantasy: winning big in the lottery or on a game show and finally paying off student loan debt. But the chances of winning thousands and thousands of dollars seem slim to none. Right? Now, with an app dedicated to helping borrowers pay off their student loans, the above scenario is more of a reality. Givling is a trivia app that helps borrowers pay off their student loans and mortgages. Though it was founded nearly four years ago, its popularity has really taken off in the last year, according to CNBC. And it’s no wonder: the app has given away over $3 million to lucky users. How to Play
Users can log onto the app twice a day to play trivia. Questions range in topic from pop culture and politics to math and chemistry. Three people form a team in order to answer true or false questions correctly. If a team is the highest scoring after the clock runs out, then that team gets to split the cash award evenly. There is also a large weekly award, which is oftentimes over $50,000 and given to one user. Where Does the Money Come From?
Givling states that it gets a majority of its money from crowdfunding, advertising and people that pay to play. Though the app is free to download, users have the option to pay for upgrades to the game, like more trivia games per day, which gets them closer to paying off their student loans with a cash award. Success Stories CNBC recently interviewed Cynthia Thomas Reher, who has been playing since 2015 and recently won $50,000 to help finish paying off her student loans. While she claimed she was never great at trivia, she spent time on the app watching videos from advertisers and inviting friends to play, which over time helped her accumulate enough points to win a large cash drawing.
Other users have found success as well. Givling’s Facebook page features multiple winners with their photos and testimonies. One user, Mike Rosser, used his nearly $17,000 of winnings to pay off student loans and finance home repairs. Another user, Roxanne Largent, is using her award money to pay off her college student loans and help to pay her daughter’s tuition. Playing Givling trivia has to be one of the easiest ways to pay off student loan debt, but it sounds like a long game. Like Thomas Reher, students may have to wait years before they score big. However, and that’s a big however, paying off student loans in four years’ time is drastically different from paying it off in 30 years. Plus, users get to have a little fun along the way!

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