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Money Saving New Year's Resolutions

Elizabeth Hoyt

December 22, 2016

Money Saving New Year's Resolutions
The New Year is a perfect chance to resolve to save money for your education.
It's about to be 2017, which means that everyone is about to make their New Year's Resolutions. That means, the timing could not be more perfect to focus on resolving to focus on your education and, of course, a way to pay for it! Here are some suggestions of resolutions you can take on this year to improve your financial situation:

Avoid Credit Card Debt -

Credit cards can seem like a simple solution for the present, however, piling on debt to deal with later is not a solution. As enticing as any credit card rates may seem, interest accumulates rapidly and paying off the minimum payment is not a solution.
If you do have a credit card, only spend what you actually have. That way, you will improve your credit score and never carry a balance.

Save More -

It sounds simpler than it is. Saving is difficult, but if you decide to save a certain portion of your paycheck, it can be easier if you arrange for automatic deposit of that portion into a savings account. Eventually, you will get used to your adjusted paycheck and will not even think about the amount that’s gone into your savings.

Apply for Scholarships -

Scholarships are basically like free money for school and the more you apply for, the better your chances are of winning. Stay diligent – it’s not easy to win a scholarship and you likely won’t win one on your first try. This year, resolve to apply for a certain number of scholarships weekly. Maximizing your chances can take you from a scholarship applicant to a scholarship winner this year.

Just Say No -

If you can’t afford to go out, stay home. It’s that easy! You must be realistic – if you can’t afford to dine out, go out or whatever it is – why not entertain on a budget? Go in on a cooking dinner with friends (groceries are much less expensive than eating out), playing games at home or find other budget-friendly ways to have fun. Remember, you can say no to going out and spending money without sacrificing fun!

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