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Trebloc is a very small unincorporated community in Chickasaw County, Mississippi. It is located at the intersections of Highways 8 and 47, just outside Houston.

Trebloc is named after a historic Chickasaw-Scots family located in the area named "Colbert", who used letters in their name to create the town name "Trebloc" (an ananym).

A small United States post office is located at Trebloc, as is the historic house of a doctor. Trebloc post office was established June 23, 1894, with Joseph M. Colbert as first postmaster. He was a descendant of a prominent Chickasaw family of the area; as the historic tribe was matrilineal, men gained their position by their mother's clan. Most of the Chickasaw removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) in the 1830s, but some remained in Mississippi.

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