Over 400 Colleges Still Accepting Students After National Decision Day

Over 400 Colleges Still Accepting Students After National Decision Day
Still deciding? No worries -- these schools are still open for students.
National Decision Day – or May 1 – has already come and gone, which means that by now many high school seniors have made their commitment to attend college somewhere. However, there are students that remain undecided. After all, it’s a big decision. Fortunately, there are plenty of schools that still have openings for students. Each year, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) releases a list of colleges that are still accepting students after the National Decision Deadline. These colleges range from large, public universities, like Arizona State, to smaller, liberal arts colleges, like Hofstra University. With that, undecided students can be rest assured that there is a school with the campus size, student body and academic offerings that they would prefer. Along with a list of schools that have availability, NACAC also highlights whether each school has financial aid and housing open to incoming students. In most cases, both are available but students should check the list carefully just to be sure. Each school also indicates whether or not it is accepting only freshmen, only transfers or both.
Interested students can search for schools by state and country in addition to type of students accepted, financial and housing. With these filters in place, it’s simple to find which open school (or schools) would suit each student’s needs. The list, operated by NACAC, will be updated in real-time over the next few weeks. NACAC plans to keep the list live until July 1, giving students plenty of time to make that final (final) decision. However, once a school fills up, it will be removed from the list. Students that find a college match need to act fast. Students are instructed to reach out the college or university directly; all necessary contact information is listed with each school. See the full list at NACAC.

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