July Checklist for Soon-to-Be High School Juniors

Elizabeth Hoyt

June 25, 2019

July Checklist for Soon-to-Be High School Juniors
Here’s a checklist for the month of July for soon-to-be high school juniors prepare for the upcoming year, in terms of your college search and planning processes.
Congratulations, you’ll soon become an upperclassman! It’s an exciting time and, soon, you’ll start investigating colleges, take your standardized exams and ask for recommendation letters from your teachers. It’s more important, now than ever, to remember that the more organized you are in your studies and prepared to enter the college preparation process, the more you’ll be able to enjoy every moment as an upperclassman in high school. Here’s a checklist for the month of July for soon-to-be high school juniors prepare for the upcoming year, in terms of your college search and planning processes:
• Research standardized exams: think about taking the ACT or SAT this year
It’s important to consider taking standardized exams as a junior because the earlier you take them on, the more chances you’ll have to study more and retake, if necessary. Think about which exam you’d like to take, or both, considering what your potential colleges require you to take. Once you’ve decided on your exam, you can begin to prepare by signing up and participating in practice exams, test prep courses, utilizing free online resources or even practicing questions on study apps.
• Consider signing up for AP classes this coming semester
If you’re able to handle them, AP courses will look great on your college applications and your student transcript. This year, consider speaking with your counselors and teachers to discuss whether taking on an AP course would be a good idea for you.
• Apply for scholarships
It’s important to remain diligent in your scholarship search, even with the business of your upcoming junior year of high school. Continue the practice of applying for as many scholarships as you qualify for.
• Plan to attend college fairs when applicable
You’ll soon learn that attending college fairs is efficient in a multitude of ways: you’re basically able to cram several mini-college visits into a short span of time. At these fairs, you’re able to learn a lot of information about the college and whether or not it should be on your list of considerations. Additionally, you may even be exposed to new schools that you would not have looked at on your own!
These fairs are definitely worthwhile for students embarking upon the college process. Look up some local fairs near you – they may open worlds of possibilities to you!
• Start researching colleges of interest
You’re still early into the college process, but it’s never too early to begin looking into colleges that interest you. As you research schools, try to take note of what types of aspects you like or dislike in a particular school. Doing so will help you target what aspects are most important to you in a college.

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