Hiring Managers Release Top 10 Colleges List

Kathryn Knight Randolph

August 28, 2015

Hiring Managers Release Top 10 Colleges List
Hiring managers weigh in on best colleges.
Most “best colleges” lists are based on factors like students’ SAT scores, campus life offerings and successful student outcomes. While those lists are helpful to students choosing a college, they don’t really capture the biggest picture. The point of attending college is – gaining knowledge, of course – but in realistic terms, to get a job after graduation. And a good job, at that. That’s why a list developed by hiring managers is crucial to prospective college students. It lets them know where hiring managers prefer to hire as well as what qualities are crucial to making the successful transition from college graduate to new hire.
Business Insider asked 1,000 of their readers to provide their input on which schools best prepare students for the workforce, according to Yahoo! Finance. From those responses, Business Insider took the 666 who claimed they hired frequently to determine the following list of best colleges.
Also, for the record, these hiring managers stated that both business and engineering majors had the best student outcomes.
1. Harvard University

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. Stanford University

4. Yale University

5. Princeton University

6. Duke University

7. Columbia University

8. University of Pennsylvania

9. Dartmouth University

10. University of California at Berkeley
Check out the full list of hiring mangers’ top 25 college picks.

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