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Help Your Student with Summer Plans

As a parent, you likely want to encourage your student to get the most out of their time, experiences and, of course, work towards success.

Elizabeth Hoyt

March 28, 2017

Help Your Student with Summer Plans

As a parent, you likely want to encourage your student to get the most out of their time, experiences and, of course, work towards success.

If you student doesn’t have a summer plan yet – or, perhaps if their summer plan is loafing around by the pool, then you may want to help them get their summer priorities on track.

Here are suggestions to help your student maximize their time over summer break:

Test prep

While preparing for standardized tests isn’t the most exciting task in the world, it is extremely important to your student’s college career. There are plenty of opportunities your student can achieve this through books, web sites and apps.

Many students are even able to multi-task test preparation and relaxation! Here’s how they can do just that.

Summer college programs

There are many college-hosted programs which high school students are invited to participate in and gain college experience and, often credit for. These programs are great opportunities for your students to try out potential colleges and explore areas they may want to attend college.

You can learn more about many of these programs for your students here.

College visits

Summer is a great time to plan trips with your students to visit potential colleges for tours. Make sure to space out visits so your student will have enough time to explore each campus to get to know each thoroughly and see all each campus has to offer.

Learn more about mastering summer college visits.

Scholarship applications

Paying for school should be on the top of every soon-to-be college student’s list. Encourage your student to apply for scholarships on a regular basis because apply for scholarships really is a numbers game. Any scholarship winner will be the first to tell you that the more a student applies for, the better the odds are of winning.

Here are some great suggestions of scholarships that have huge awards amounts specifically for high school students.

Summer jobs, internships or volunteer work

Your student’s summer break is a great chance for them to work and earn money to pay for school. Additionally, they can gain skills and experience for their resume or to help guide them in what they’d like to pursue for their career.

Whether spending the summer working in a paid job position, internship opportunity or volunteering, your student can demonstrate that they are hardworking, goal-oriented and dedicated – all qualities that look great to colleges! Ty

College fairs

Summertime is a great time for students to explore college fairs. Your student can take time to look at our college fair checklist and evaluate colleges to see what he or she wants out of college, talk to the college representatives in attendance and explore what each college has to offer. From there, you can plan college visits accordingly!

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