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Many high school students, parents and current college students are shocked to hear there are thousands upon thousands of college scholarships available to college students in the United States.

A scholarship is FREE money (money you will not have to pay back after graduation). It’s not a student loan; scholarships are a gift that does not have to be repaid. As the cost of college continues to rise, applying for scholarships should be a priority for all college-bound students and current college students.

Scholarship money can be used to pay for tuition and fees, but also room and board and the hidden (sometimes forgotten cost) of pricey university textbooks.

Uncovering scholarships for college students and college bound students can feel overwhelming. When looking for ways to pay for college, parents and students want to know how to get scholarships for college, how to apply for college scholarships, and how to find college scholarships. The best way to do this is to look through a complete list of college scholarships—even better, let your Fastweb profile find scholarships for you.

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You can also indicate which college scholarships you are – or are not – interested in and specify which scholarships you’ve already applied for.

Scholarship programs don't just give away money for college; you must apply for them! Once you find a scholarship you like, it’s up to you to follow through and apply for it. Click on the scholarship to get more details and to learn where you can apply for it. Still have questions? Learn more about How Fastweb Works.

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