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Super-Sized Scholarships by Year

Apply for these enormous awards today whether you're a high school, college or graduate student!

Elizabeth Hoyt

May 01, 2017

Super-Sized Scholarships by Year
When it comes to winning money to pay for school, bigger award amounts can make a world of difference in your life (not to mention, in paying for college and/or your current tuition bills). That’s why we’ve taken the time to list out scholarships (and some grants and fellowships, too) with jaw-dropping sums for high school, college and graduate students. No matter your school year, there are huge awards ready for the taking - most with a minimum award amount of $10k. We repeat: that's the minimum.

Niche No Essay Scholarship

Quick and Easy to Apply for a $2,000 Scholarship

The question remains, why can't YOU apply for these colossal awards? Why shouldn't YOU be the one to take advantage of these amazing opportunities? The answers: you can and you should. Get the most bang for your buck and apply for these enormous awards today, whether you're a high school, college or graduate student.

Course Hero $4k College Giveaway

Easy to Enter, No Essay Needed

Trust us, you'll be happy you applied if you become a winner (and we all know the first step to becoming a scholarship winner is becoming a scholarship applicant.) Simply find your school year below and check out the super-sized scholarship sums awaiting your entry:

Easy to apply, with no fees.

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