Full-Tuition Scholarships

Your college tuition could be completely paid for with this 10+ list of scholarships!

Shawna Newman

July 22, 2024

Full-Tuition Scholarships
Imagine your tuition paid in FULL!
One scholarship and done? 100 percent of your college paid for?! Sounds like a solid idea to us.
These awards are highly coveted and for good reason. Winners of full tuition scholarships can relax once they've won an award that covers tuition – and sometimes more. Check out the below scholarships, offering full tuition award amounts for various students of all ages:
  1. Excelsior Scholarship Program

  2. Deadline: 8/21/24 Available to: Undergraduate Students The Excelsior Scholarship Program is open to students residing in New York State. You must be enrolled in a two - or four - year degree program at a SUNY or CUNY college, and plan to live and work in New York following graduation for the length of time you participate in the scholarship program to be considered for this award. You must also take 30 credits per calendar year and demonstrate financial need.
  3. The Gates Scholarship

  4. Deadline: 9/15/24 Available to: High School Juniors The Gates Scholarship is available to African - American, American Indian / Alaska Native, Asian / Pacific Islander American, and / or Hispanic American high school seniors. You must have a minimum 3.3 GPA and be Pell - eligible to be considered for this award.
  5. Rhodes Scholarship

  6. Deadline: 10/2/24 Available to: Undergraduate and Graduate Students The Rhodes Scholarship is available to full - time students between the ages of 18 and 23, and students under the age of 27 who have completed their first undergraduate degree. Selection is based on proven intellectual and academic achievement, integrity of character, interest in and respect for your fellow beings, the ability to lead, and the energy to use your talents in full. Rhodes Scholars receive full support for two years of study at Oxford University.
  7. Michigan Reconnect Scholarship

  8. Deadline: Varies Available to: Minimum age, 25 The Michigan Reconnect Scholarship is available to students who are at least 25 years of age who are attending a community college in Michigan. You must have lived in Michigan for at least one year, have a high school diploma or equivalent and have not yet completed a college degree in order to be considered for this award.
  9. Chicago Star Scholarship

  10. Deadline: Varies Available to: High School Seniors The Chicago Star Scholarship is available to Chicago Public Schools students who are interested in pursuing an associate degree at one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago. You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and test completion - ready in math and English to be eligible for this award.
  11. Posse STEM Program

  12. Deadline: Varies Available to: High School Seniors The Posse STEM Program is open to high school seniors who demonstrate academic potential and leadership in their school, community, or family. You must be a public school student in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, or Washington, D. C. to be eligible to participate. Posse Scholars will receive leadership scholarships to attend one of 44 Posse partner colleges and universities. Nomination by a high school or community-based organization is required.
  13. Starbucks College Achievement Plan

  14. Deadline: Varies Available to: Undergraduate & Graduate Students The Starbucks College Achievement Plan is available to part - and full - time benefits eligible Starbucks partners. Recipients of this award will receive full - tuition coverage at Arizona State University's online program. After three consecutive months of working 20 hours per week or more, you become benefits eligible and you can enroll in classes during the next session.
  15. Target Forward Scholarship

  16. Deadline: Varies Available to: Undergraduate & Graduate Students The Target Forward Scholarship is available to U.S. - based full - time and part - time employees of Target. Through this program, Target team members will have access to more than 250 business - aligned programs at over 40 schools, colleges, and universities; starting on their first day on the job. This full - tuition program also covers the cost of other out - of - pocket expenses and fees, such as textbooks and course fees.
  17. J-100 AFJROTC Character-in-Leadership Scholarship

  18. Deadline: Varies Available to: High School Seniors The J-100 AFJROTC Character-in-Leadership Scholarship is available to graduating high school seniors with two or more years of AFJROTC experience. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and at least a 22 ACT / 1100 SAT score, have a physical fitness score of at least 50, and be nominated by a unit instructor to be eligible for this award. Selected recipients will receive four years of full paid tuition at any university, or crosstown partner, with an AFROTC detachment as well as a stipend for housing and books. Accepting the scholarship will require a cadet to meet all AFROTC requirements and pursue an officer commission.
  19. Army ROTC Scholarship

  20. Deadline: Varies Available to: Undergraduate Students The Army ROTC Scholarship is available to students at Cornell University, Ithaca College, Elmira College, Wells College, Cortland State University, and Binghamton University. To be eligible, you must have at least a 2.5 GPA and a minimum 920 SAT/ 19 ACT score, have four years of college remaining, be between 17 and 26 years of age, be a U.S. citizen, and agree to accept commission and serve in the Army on Active, Reserve, or National Guard Duty. Recipients of this award will also receive $1200 per year for books.
  21. Washington College Grant

  22. Deadline: Varies Available to: High School Seniors The Washington College Grant is available to students residing in Washington State. You must demonstrate financial need, be a resident of Washington, and attend an approved in-state public college or university to be eligible for this award.
  23. LNVB Retroactive Scholarship

  24. Deadline: Varies Available to: Undergraduate & Graduate Students The LNVB Retroactive Scholarship is available to veterans who have completed some form of higher education. To be eligible, you must have student loans that have been made because you were not covered under existing educational programs. Recipients of this award must commit to 100 to 400 hours of community service that leverages their military skills, civilian education, and lack of indebtedness to help solve the most pressing issues facing their communities.
  25. John Wesley Hughes Scholarship

  26. Deadline: Varies Available to: Entering College Freshmen The John Wesley Hughes Scholarship is available to entering freshmen at Asbury University. Selection is based on academic records, test scores, rank in class, extracurricular activities, leadership ability, letters of recommendation, an essay and an interview. You must have been awarded the Governor's or Presidential scholarship to be eligible for this award.
  27. Green and Gold Scholarship

  28. Deadline: Varies Available to: Maximum Age of 18 The Green and Gold Scholarship is available to incoming freshmen at the University of Vermont. You must have finished at the top of your high school class and be a resident of Vermont to be eligible for this award.
  29. Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES)

  30. Deadline: Varies Available to: High School Seniors The Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship is administered by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA). To be considered for the award, you must have a 2.5 GPA or above. The better you do in high school, the more you are eligible to earn in scholarships. Recipients of this award must attend a participating school in Kentucky or an out- of- state public university that participates in the Academic Common Market (ACM) program (a complete list of eligible schools is available on the sponsor's website).
Remember the scholarships above are just examples of the many different full-tuition scholarship opportunities within Fastweb's database. To find similar, 100% tuition scholarships that fit you, create your free Fastweb profile. Update your profile often so you're aware of the newest scholarships, and to maximize your scholarship matches.

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