Four Massive Scholarships for High School Seniors Ending Soon

High school seniors should apply for all 4 of these huge scholarships!

Shawna Newman

September 24, 2020

Four Massive Scholarships for High School Seniors Ending Soon
Students in the Class of 2021 should apply for these four scholarships, totaling $100K, soon.
Attention high school students in their senior year—the Class of 2021: Stop fishing for the perfect scholarships to apply for this month. We've found four you must focus on ASAP. You’ll want to get your applying hands on these four massive scholarships soon. These application deadlines are set to expire at the end of October 2020. And we’re not just talking, large or big...more like a combined gargantuan total of $100,000 in financial aid award amounts. Simply winning just one of these would reduce the out-of-pocket college cost or student loan debt you’d have to take on to help you pay for college.
These apply to students planning on attending a four-year or community college. All four are generic so, degree program or specific higher education degrees are not required for any of these financial aid opportunities. Roll-up those sleeves and get started applying before time runs out!
  1. $40K—Jack Cooke Foundation Scholarship

  2. Deadline: 10/30/20
    The JKCF College Scholarship Program is open to high school seniors who intend to enroll in a four-year college in the fall. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and demonstrate significant financial need to qualify for this award. Selection is also based on persistence, leadership, and a desire to help others.
  3. $10K— Academic Excellence Scholarship

  4. Deadline: 10/30/20
    The Academic Excellence Scholarship is open to members of the NSLS who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.7 and write an essay (submit five-pages) that includes topics chosen by the sponsor in order to be considered for this award.
  5. $30K— Voice of Democracy Scholarship Competition

  6. Deadline: 10/31/20
    The Voice of Democracy Scholarship Competition is open to high school students. To enter this scholarship contest, you must write and record a three - to five - minute broadcast script on the following theme: "Is This the Country the Founders Envisioned?"
  7. $20K— Coca-Cola Scholars Program

Deadline: 10/31/20
The Coca-Cola Scholars Program is open to high school seniors who plan to pursue a degree at an accredited post - secondary institution in the U.S. Home - schooled students may also apply. While you're on a roll, consider checking out this frequently updated list of Scholarships for the Class of 2021.

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