Enter the $25K Pepsi Scholarship

Looking to win big? Apply for the $25K Pepsi Scholarship.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

June 23, 2022

Enter the $25K Pepsi Scholarship
Pay for college with a $25K Scholarship from Pepsi.
Are you hoping to be the next big star in the music industry? Or maybe you want to work behind the scenes somehow? Whatever the case, Pepsi wants to make your dreams a reality with its $25,000 Pepsi Stronger Together Scholarship.

Pepsi Scholarship: Stronger Together

Pepsi is teaming up with recording artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Fat Joe, as well as Gamesa Cookies to launch the first ever Pepsi Stronger Together Scholarship. According to a press release, “The program, part of PepsiCo's series of grassroots initiatives tailored to local communities, aims to support underserved youth nationwide by inviting students to apply to receive one of four $25,000 scholarships towards an education in music and arts.” The music scholarship program kicked off on June 12 at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City, where Fat Joe served as Padrino, or Godfather, on the Pepsi Stronger Together and Gamesa Float. This event has launched a national tour that will stop in Los Angeles, Houston, and Miami.
Winners will be announced in October, during Hispanic Heritage Month, at the iHeartRadio’s Fiesta Latina concert, according to BLACK ENTERPRISE.

Who can apply for the Pepsi Stronger Together Scholarship?

The Pepsi Stronger Together Scholarship is open to legal residents of the United States who will be high school seniors in the Fall of 2022. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to apply – or obtain parental permission if you have not reached the age of majority by your application date.

How to apply for the Pepsi Stronger Together Scholarship?

The application for the Pepsi Stronger Together Scholarship is very simple. To apply, students must submit a form along with an essay or video that explains why they deserve this award for their further education in the arts and/or music. Essays only have to be 100 words, and videos cannot exceed two minutes in length. Remember when applying to these types of awards that writing or submitting a video over the word-count or time-limit can result in immediate disqualification. Tyler Clayton, a recent $10,000 Taco Bell scholarship winner, also shares this video scholarship application tip: “When creating your video, focus on the content, not the video graphics.” The four cities on the Pepsi Stronger Together tour will also feature designated sites where students can apply in person with the help of on-site staff.

Pepsi Stronger Together Scholarship

Deadline: 9/20/22 Available to: High School Seniors Award Amount: 4 $25,000 scholarships The Pepsi Stronger Together Scholarship Contest is available to high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in the arts. To be considered for this music and art scholarship, you must submit a 100 - word essay or a two - minute video on the following topic: "Why you deserve $25,000 to help further your education in the arts and music." Apply now.

About Pepsi Stronger Together

Although this is the first Pepsi Scholarship from this particular program, Pepsi’s Stronger Together has been working for years to help facilitate outreach and change to communities in need. Pepsi Stronger Together is doing so with a three-pronged approach, according to their website: • Education – Provides resources like mentorship, support to HBCUs, community leadership training, and now the Pepsi Stronger Together Scholarship. • Community – Empowers communities by helping them meet their unique needs. • Environment – Helps communities combat climate change and pollution in order to create healthier neighborhoods and cities for its members. For students looking to add volunteer work to their college applications or resumes, Pepsi’s Stronger Together is a great place to start. These opportunities allow individuals to get involved in the communities around them, bringing change to neighborhoods and the people that live in them. In turn, they receive invaluable life experiences and relationships. To get involved with Pepsi Stronger Together, follow them on Instagram.

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