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Millennials, Here are the 10 Best Jobs for You

Kathryn Knight Randolph

October 06, 2016

Millennials, Here are the 10 Best Jobs for You
Forecasters project job growth in these occupations.
Every year, more and more millennials are entering the workforce and changing the dynamic of the working world. With that, the most desirable and profitable jobs are changing too. Forbes has provided a list of the most promising jobs for millennial workers over the next few years. Check out median salaries, projected growth and a brief description of necessary education and job duties, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – and get your resume ready. 10. Dental Hygienists (tie)
Growth by 2022 projected at 33%
Median salary: $70,210
Dental hygienists require an Associate’s degree as well as a license, and it typically takes three years to complete programs. They work with patients to clean their teeth and provide preventative oral care. 10. Therapists (tie)
Growth by 2022 projected at 27%
Median salary: $70,000
Therapists need at least a Master’s degree in addition to a license to practice. They work to help individuals overcome and reconcile mental health and emotional disorders as well as relationships with family and friends. There is flexibility in where they practice, from private practices to mental health centers. 9. Petroleum Engineers
Growth by 2022 projected at 26%
Median salary: $130,289
A job as a petroleum engineer requires a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, and employers love engineering students who have completed a program that provides work experience in addition to a degree. These jobs require work in a research laboratory or on drilling sites and primary responsibilities include designing and developing methods for extracting oil and gas from below ground. 8. Elevator Installers and Repairers
Growth by 2022 projected at 25%
Median salary: $76,650
A little unconventional, elevator installers and repairers go through an apprenticeship and require a license to practice in at least 35 states. The job is pretty self-explanatory; they install, maintain and repair new and existing elevators. There is a chance that an elevator installer or repairer would be on call 24 hours a day. 7. Nuclear Engineers
Growth by 2022 projected at 9%
Median salary: $104,270
Like petroleum engineers, nuclear engineers need a Bachelor’s degree as well as some work experience. Nuclear engineers work to research and develop processes and systems necessary to utilize nuclear energy. 6. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
Growth by 2022 projected at 32%
Median salary: $60,300
In addition to having an analytical and mathematical background, market research analysts require at least a Bachelor’s degree. They help companies evaluate what consumers want and how to market them as well as market conditions for the product or service. 5. Computer and Information Research Scientists
Growth by 2022 projected at 15%
Median salary: $102,190
Most computer and information research scientist positions require a Ph.D. Computer scientists figure out how to develop and utilize information technology for a variety of industries. 3. Biomedical Engineers (tie)
Growth by 2022 projected at 27%
Median salary: $86,960
Biomedical engineers need a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and sometimes may require a graduate degree. They work in universities, manufacturing, hospitals and research facilities. These engineers combine medicine and engineering to create equipment, devices, computer systems and software to use in healthcare. 3. Statisticians (tie)
Growth by 2022 projected at 27%
Median salary: $75,560
Typically, a Master’s degree in statistics, mathematics or other quantitative field; but in some cases, a Bachelor’s degree is sufficient. Statisticians work across a variety of industries, like the federal government, scientific research and development companies. 2. Actuaries
Growth by 2022 projected at 26%
Median salary: $93,680
Actuaries need a Bachelor’s degree and must pass a series of exams in order to achieve certification. They usually major in mathematics, statistics or business. On a daily basis, actuaries analyze the financial costs of risk for companies. 1. Physician Assistants
Growth by 2022 projected at 38%
Median salary: $90,930
The most promising job for millennials goes to physician assistants. This position requires only a Master’s degree in addition to certification. Physician assistants work in offices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Just like doctors, they examine, diagnose and treat patients. For more promising job prospects, click here.

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