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February is Financial Aid Awareness Month

February is Financial Aid Awareness Month

There's one very important celebration that takes place all month long that you may have overlooked...Financial Aid Awareness Month!

Elizabeth Hoyt

January 21, 2015

February is one short month jam-packed with tons of important events!

Yep, February claims Groundhog’s Day, Black History Month, Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day.

While you probably thought that was enough to fill such a short month, there’s one very important celebration that takes place all month long that you likely overlooked.

But, at Fastweb, it’s one of our favorites!

February is also Financial Aid Awareness Month. It’s clearly the perfect time to celebrate by completing your FAFSA form, learn some more about financial aid and how to score more of it in the meantime.

Have no fear, FastWeb’s here to help – especially during this month of celebration.

In honor of Financial Aid Awareness Month and, of course, in hopes to help you better understand and assess all of your financial aid options, we’ve listed some resources you can utilize to learn more about financial aid:

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Filling Out Your FAFSA

FAFSA Fumbles

Financial Aid 101

Financial Aid Freak Outs: Q & A

All About Scholarships

All About Saving

All About Loans

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